Jennifer Lopez Reveals What She’s Using Instead of Botox – It’s Natural Alternative!

by Tracy Finke

Although she has an army of makeup artists and stylists behind her, there is no doubt that singer and actress Jennifer Lopez looks unreal for a fifty-year-old girl.

At age 50, J Lo acted as a dancer and wore the legendary Versace dress again, and it seems she has only just found true love next to partner Alex Rodriguez.

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At the Golden Globes Awards, J Lo showed off another of her great looks. While her Valentino creation divided fashion critics, everyone agreed that her face had never looked more radiant or rested.

The singer has finally revealed what this is all about. Bellow the photo where she steps on the red carpet, Lopez wrote: “Thx to Biotulin.”

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It is an ingredient that many call organic Botox, and it is put on the eye area. Biotulin is a gel that is a natural alternative to real Botox.

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One of the main ingredients is spilanthol, a local anesthetic extracted from the plant Acmella oleracea, which acts to reduce muscle contraction and relax the face.

Women who have already used this gel say that the tiny, small wrinkles around the eyes and between the eyebrows are checked to disappear and that Biotulin is quickly absorbed into the skin and makes it fresh. Unlike injectable Botox, which often gives a frosty look to the face, the results with Biotulin are entirely different.

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Biotulin skin gel costs around $ 115 and is the first gel to produce rejuvenation results similar to the ones women get with Botox injections.

It is made in Germany and is 100% natural, and manufacturers say it delivers results after 12 hours of application. The only downside is that the packaging is small, so the gel has only 15 ml.

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