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Jennifer Anniston’s Go-To Shampoo Is Not Meant for People

by Elsa Stringer

British tabloid “The Sun” has reported on the unusual hair product that Hollywood actress Jennifer Anniston, 50, uses regularly. She is widely famous for her youth like look even in her fifth decade, and her hair is still perfect and full of volume and shine.

Allegedly, she has been using a shampoo available on Amazon, which is originally meant for horses. The five-star rated product is a fan-favorite, which is evident in the comment section on the website. Kim Kardashian and actress Demi Moore also seem to used it.


The product description says that it is safe for use in both horses and humans. Women around the world are fascinated with it. For about $15, it is ideal for unhealthy hair that seems lifeless and thin.

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It is called “Mane ‘n Tail”, and there are two different products, a shampoo, and a moisturizer and conditioner in one. Positive reviews promise a thicker and healthier hair in humans, and fur coats in animals.