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Italian Man Found the Perfect Solution for Coronavirus

by Elsa Stringer

In the midst of the crisis that is the deadly and panic-spreading coronavirus, one Italian man used his wits and came up with a brilliant idea how to stay safe and protect himself.

As the world battles the pandemic, Italy has it the worst. The whole country is in isolation, everything is closed, the streets are empty, and the people are in quarantine.


However, one Italian does not want to sit and do nothing, and instead of waiting, he used a giant cardboard circle to repel other people from getting close to him!

The genius elderly man can be seen in a viral Instagram video seamlessly moving through a supermarket, with the giant circle around his waist, attached over his shoulders with straps.

This contraption gives him around a meter of clearance, so nobody can really approach him and potentially infect him.

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There have so far been over 1,400 deaths and more than 21,000 infected in Italy, and it is the country with the highest coronavirus death rate. There have only been around 2,000 recovered people in Italy so far.