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Is Angelina Jolie In A Relationship With The Weekend?

by Bojana Dujkovic

Actress Angelina Jolie was caught with singer Weekend last Saturday on a romantic dinner, which shocked everyone.

One of the most famous actresses, Angelina Jolie, no longer hides her romance with the singer Weekend, and rumors about their love romance have been circulating for some time. Several times so far, they have been caught in a romantic release at a night out in Los Angeles, but they have never commented on the situation.

The famous actress and singer spent two and a half hours in the private part of the luxury family Italian restaurant “Giorgio Baldi” in Santa Monica, a popular part of Los Angeles, with many paparazzi waiting outside, wishing to take a picture of the two.

According to the media, the restaurant where they had a romantic date was the place where Angelina and Weekend met for the first time, which happened on June 20. No one though back then that the couple could be romantically connected, yet their romantic dinners and nights out are bringing up the rumours that the famous couple is more than friends.

Although Angelina came to dinner at eight in the evening alone, she didn’t even mind to get out of the restaurant with the singer, and then get in the car. After that, they drove to his villa, which is worth more than 70 million dollars.

They were both dressed in a black outfit, Angelina wore a dress, while the singer was in pants and a black jacket. On the way out of the restaurant, the photographers ‘caught’ them and took a few photos.

The two launched an ‘avalanche’ of rumors in early May when they were filmed also in Santa Monica, but then went home separately accompanied by security and security, so no one suspected anything.

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