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Is A Home Warranty Plan Worth It?

by Elsa Stringer

Buying a new home is one of the most important and fantastic purchases we will ever make. It is a unique purchase that defines us and makes us feel like we have made it.

After going through the process of getting a home loan and going through escrow, it might seem like the important parts of moving to a new place is done. But there are a few things that you need to do immediately to protect your investment and belongings and give you peace of mind. Out of the things you need to do that is most important, is to discover how to find cheap home warranty plans. For more information visit libertyhomeguard.com.


However there is some confusion about home warranty plans. Many believe that purchasing a this plan is a very important, while others say that is unnecessary. Here are some of the things to consider.

What is A Home Warranty Plan


When you purchase a new place you will have insurance that will cover you for large areas of damage and perhaps even some natural disasters. This will be mandatory if you take out an accommodation loan but a great idea even if you pay cash for it because any damage to a house will cost thousands of dollars to repair.

You will also likely purchase new appliances that will be quite expensive for you home. You have an option to purchase additional insurance in the called a home warranty plan. This type of insurance covers your dishwasher, boiler, washing machine and even your television, if they stop working or are damaged. The replacement of these items can cost thousands of dollars and paying a small premium each month is a smart way to protect yourself against any potential problems or disasters.

Why Would You Need a Home Warranty Plan?


When you purchase homeowners insurance, you will be covered for most types of disasters including fires, floods and defects to your place that cause damage to the home itself and the things in it. So your belongings have a measure of protection for your belongings. So why pay for an additional insurance?

A home warranty plan is aimed directly at offering you coverage for appliances in your place that stop working. These appliances are critical and include washing machines, ovens and dishwashers. It also includes you home’s heating and cooling systems. Home warranty policies are written to specifically address things in a way for you to get money quickly so that your appliances can be replaced or repaired. Check out the reviews by House Method in order to get the best home warranty coverage.

New Home Appliances Come With Warranties


Often these appliances will have their own warranties that cover their breaking within a certain period of time. But these warranties will usually only cover certain parts of r situations involving the appliances. A home warranty plan can be added in addition to, or to lengthen the existing warranties. In other words, you are fully covered no matter the situation or the parts that break. There are of course limitations to home warranty plans that include intentional breakage and you have to read the plan carefully and go with a reputable company that has a history of satisfying customers.

Although the warranty plans have been controversial to some extent, there is no doubt they fit a specific need and can save homeowners money. Select the right company to provide a plan at a good cost and that thoroughly fits your needs.