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9 Instant Energy Boosters to Get You Through the Day – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Whether you find yourself falling asleep at your desk as soon as it hits 3pm or are just looking to boost your productivity, there are a number of steps you can take to increase your energy levels on a daily basis. Continue reading to find out what they are and how they can carry you through from morning until bedtime.

1. Eat chocolate

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Chocolate contains relatively high levels of caffeine. As well as tasting great, it can be a great little pick me up during those long days at the office. Keep a chocolate bar or two in your desk drawer or handbag to ensure you are never far from an instant energy source. As soon as you feel your energy levels dropping, reaching for your favorite snack can provide you with a mental and physical incentive to get your head down and get back to work. Cocoa also contains flavonoids. This diverse class of plant chemicals has been found to improve cognitive ability and boost mood.

2. Drink a cup of black coffee

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Coffee is one of the most commonly drunk beverages around the world. Caffeine, on the other hand, is one of the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive substances. If you find yourself drifting off at your desk, a single cup of black coffee should perk you up and allow you to continue working on the task at hand. Too much caffeine, however, will only lead to a mental and physical crash. The amount of caffeine your body can store and regulate differs from person to person. If you are unsure or your body is unfamiliar with the immediate effects of caffeine, start with one cup a day. According to a recent study, regular caffeine consumption alongside a healthy diet can enhance thinking skills and slow down the natural progression of mental decline.

3. Go for a walk

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Going for a walk, even for a few minutes, can instantly boost natural energy levels and lead to greater alertness over time. This also exposes your body to greater levels of vitamin D which can improve your sleep schedule by allowing you to fall asleep quicker and wake up earlier. There is no golden rule when it comes to how much time you should spend outside each day, but experts recommend a minimum of 20 minutes. This may sound like a small amount of time, but each minute adds up. You can incorporate fresh air into your daily routine in a number of different ways. Venturing outdoors on your lunch break or walking to work as opposed to taking the bus can be all it takes to make you feel more alive and give you more natural energy.

4. Sing a song

Whether you are confined to your desk for eight hours a day at work or just finding it difficult to maintain concentration whilst working from home, singing a song can provide you with a sudden boost of energy. It may seem pointless, and you will feel silly, but you would be surprised how much it can reduce stress levels and allow you to refocus on the task at hand. If you are not blessed with the voice of an angel, singing along to your favorite tune during the commute to and from work or just listening to a playlist through earphones can improve concentration levels and boost your mood.

5. Drink water

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If you find yourself suffering from exhaustion or fatigue on a daily basis, you may be dehydrated. Ensuring you drink enough water can prevent your energy levels from dipping throughout the day and ensure you remain alert regardless of how dull or busy your work schedule is. Health professionals tend to recommend a minimum of eight glasses a day.

However, if you are only just making the switch from fizzy soda to water or struggle to refill your water bottle more than once throughout the day, any increase is an improvement. Your body has a number of handy ways of letting you know you are dehydrated. If you feel thirsty or your urine is dark, try topping up your daily water intake.

6. Go for a power nap

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If you are fatigued or suffering from low energy levels, your body will let you know that you may need a nap. If you are prone to napping during the day, you must take care not to exceed a certain length of time. A power nap can allow you to wake up feeling revitalized and refreshed but an hour-long nap can actually end up increasing your fatigue levels over time. When it comes to power naps, there is a fine line. There is no gold standard, but 10-12 minutes tends to be the optimal amount. You can learn how to boost your energy without disrupting your sleep schedule through the article here at RiseScience.

7. Snack regularly

Regular snacking is the key to maintaining high energy levels throughout the day. The body needs fuel to function accordingly on a daily basis. Food is one of the quickest-acting fuel sources and can prevent your energy levels and mood from heading down a downward spiral. It can also enhance cognitive function. You must determine whether you are actually hungry or whether you are just tired. Snacking throughout the day can keep your hunger levels at bay and ensure you are energized and ready to tackle whatever life may throw at you. Experts recommend eating frequent small meals throughout the day as opposed to three large meals. This provides your body with a steady supply of nutrients and can trick your brain into limiting your perception of fatigue.

8. Sniff essential oils

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Essential oils are natural compounds extracted by plants. Through a process of distillation, the essence is liquified for medicinal and recreational use. They are, essentially, the essence of the plant. Due to their pleasant scent, they can be used to perk up depleted energy levels and boost your mood. Eucalyptus and citrus oils, in particular, have been proven to refresh a tired body and mind and reduce fatigue. They can also be placed on a number of pressure points around the body for an extra kick. This includes the inside of your wrist, your forehead, or your neck. They have also been found to reduce stress levels over time and aid sleep.

9. Laugh out loud

Whether you share a joke with your co-workers or remember a funny story, laughing out loud can trigger a number of positive health benefits for your mind as well as your body. Each time you giggle, your brain releases a series of endorphins. These feel-good chemicals flood your brain which can provide you with a sudden boost of energy to get through the day. Laughing out loud on a regular basis can also reduce your risk of depression and boost your immune system over time.

We could all benefit from a sudden boost of energy from time to time. There are a number of things we can do to ensure we are performing at optimal functionality. They include eating chocolate, drinking a cup of black coffee, going for a walk, singing a song, drinking water, going for a power nap, snacking regularly, sniffing essential oils, and laughing out loud.