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5 Tips And Tricks For Improving Your Aim In Call Of Duty: Warzone

by Tracy Finke

If you are the type of person who enjoys playing games, especially ones where you play against other people and are competitive, you are always looking for a way to become better. It is playing in vain if you are playing to lose, there is no satisfaction that you are going to get in that way. However, with every played match you are learning something and you are becoming better anyways so you will still be able to win and progress just with playing.

If you put in practice, outside of the matches that you play, you will definitely become better and you will get better ranks and with that, you will play against people who are better than the previous ones so you will also learn something from them. The whole point of these games is to put in enough time to become better, so you play their game longer. However, if you have played similar games before which include shooting, you will be good even after the first game where you learn how everything works.

In this article, we will talk about some tips and tricks that you can to do improve your aim, and become really good in Warzone.

1. Consider the equipment that you have

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This is not based on your qualities and understanding of the game because you can know everything about it, and play great actually, but if you have your equipment performing badly, you will not see any progress. You cannot expect to have the same results with a bad mouse and with one that actually performs well, the price is not important at all. If you are playing on a console, there are pieces that you can add on top of the analogs or thumbsticks so you can have them customized to work the best for you.

2. Find out how sensitive you want your mouse or controller to be

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In any game that requires you to shoot precisely, you will have to adjust everything to be up to your likes so you are comfortable with doing that. The first thing that you should do is to play a bit with the option that increases or decreases how sensitive your aim is when you are moving your mouse or controller. When you find out what works the best for you, keep it in that way and you will see the results quickly.

If you plan on using the same option as some of the players who are professional, you are making a mistake because that is only comfortable for them, and you will have a problem adjusting. Some of them want to play on an option that is not really sensitive so they can move a lot with their hand, especially movements from the elbow to have a more controlled aim. If you try this, you will not be able to turn quickly and you will be frustrated. Adjust to what you want, and what is the most comfortable option for you, and you will start seeing progress.

3. Have your aim placed properly

This is one of the things that most players do and this is what costs their rankings. You cannot expect to react that quickly if you have not placed the aim in the appropriate place. For example, if you have placed it on the ground, you are still seeing if anyone comes up in front, however, you will have to be quick to secure your point. Many times, you will not be able to do that because if they have placed their aim on you, you don’t have that time and you will die which will cost you your rankings and all the other games as well.

After playing the game for a while, you will start to notice where most of the players stay, and where do they come up from, so you will be prepared for that place in case they move. That will give you an advantage and you will get better scores.

You should always practice getting your aim on the place where it should be equivalent to the torso of the enemy. That way you have higher chances to get them before they have time to react. Also, you should understand that the recoil moves up naturally, so if you target at the torso, chances are that you will hit their head as well. Make sure that you have your aim placed in a proper position and that will help you become better, and get better scores.

4. Use a boosting service

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Many people think that using a service like this is not fair, however, many people find benefits in it, and the most important thing is to be satisfied while playing and also finding ways to become better.

When you get someone to do this job for you, you will can reach a level above your abilities and you can learn both from the people that you are playing with, and from the ones against you as suggested by Legionfarm. Having to play against better players, will have you more focused wanting to show that you are good as well and that you can have a good score even on that level. Of course, that will not be possible at the beginning but as you have more matches, you will get there definitely.

5. Practice on maps

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There are maps or mods where you can practice things before you try them out in an actual match. The maps can help you explore the type of how sensitive you want your aim to be, and you can also see the effects of having it placed on the area where the torso of the enemy will appear.

In addition, there are maps where you can train how to hit targets better. Most of them are free, and you will be able to use the weapons that you enjoy, and that you play the most to learn to control them and have your reactions better. You will stand in place and there are targets that will pop out and you will have to hit them as fast as you can. Doing this before you play any match will make you better, and you will notice the difference in your score previously, and now after doing these practices.