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How to Improve Your Website Conversions with WP in 2024

by Jovica Radulovich

There are thousands of themes available to change the design of your website in a matter of a few minutes, plugins that help to improve functionality without any special programming skills, never-ending loyalty from Google side and real-time support of an engaged community.

Capabilities of WordPress are really awesome. Whether you want to sell, inspire or generate leads the advantages this CMS offers can be utilized to get potential customer’s attention, increase engagement and conversion rates.

You may be craving and working hard to raise conversions. But there are always some unseized tricks that can drastically boost figures. Why not check them out?

First, analyze CTR

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Great websites are not only those that look well but those that bring results and guide visitors to take the desired action. Attracting target users and driving traffic is the first step on the conversion rates increase path. How to make sure you are on the right track? Analyze the data.

What is your audience and where it comes from? What is the size and type of your audience?

Great if you know answers. To improve things yet more, try different tools that examine traffic and SEO aspects of your website, like Google Analytics.

Spend some time studying data to get a better understanding of your audience and select the best tactic for the conversion rate optimization. This application helps to track your goals, from sales and leads generation to page viewing, download or registration, breaks down channels from which your target visitors come (organic, social or referral), analyzes their behavior across the website, provides better insight into a user profile and much more.

Of course, there is a variety of other analytics software. Test and select the one that best matches your goals and needs. This is just an example of how you can get a firm sense of your key audience to perform better.

Move to improving user experience

WordPress is a robust platform well-known for its simplicity and, at the same time, powerful options for building engaging websites able to drive traffic and high conversions. To make all these advantages work for your specific business needs, do not forget about user experience.

Providing great user experience or improving it is a tough task. You can always ask for assistance from a reliable and experienced digital marketing agency that will help you to create a professional WordPress website with logical navigation and crisp design. Visit the website for more details.

Having a basic overview of your website traffic, you can detect soft spots and revamp issues that affect user experience yourself. So, what components require close attention?

Slow website loading

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Remember, the faster your WordPress website is the better it converts. Impatience is what characterizes most of the users. They do not want to wait for information. If it won’t load in a blink of an eye, a visitor will more likely bounce. This is the bad signal for search engines and a minus to your conversions karma. To forward such outcomes, keep plugins up-to-date or remove those you are not applying, use appropriate image size, caching, and watch WordPress security patches to be regularly integrated.

Headlines and content

The headline is the first thing visitors see coming to your website. It’s your pitch to the audience, an impression they will get about a service or product you are offering. Take care of the style, form, and context so that your headline could answer a question, provide information and, naturally, pique visitors’ interest.

Do not risk losing even the smallest part of your potential customers. Properly constructed and catchy headlines will positively influence conversion rates of your WordPress site.


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This is an obvious aspect, which in 2017 is not a recommendation. It is a must if you do not wish to lose conversions. Apart from satisfying different objectives mobile and desktop users have, optimized for mobile your website gets more traffic, better conversions, reduced bounce rate and you have greater brand engagement.

To mobilize existing WordPress websites, it’s better to hire experts. Another option is to choose from a variety of specially developed plugins. Only weigh all pros and cons before making the final choice.

CTA or prominent calls to action

How not to mention this website element in our list? No doubt it can easily improve or deteriorate conversion rate. To avoid negative scenario, it will be enough to:

● Provide a value proposition for the desired action. Offer free trial or a white paper for registration, clicking.
● Make calls to action stand out. For this, use right colors, appropriate placement, and size.
● Make them distinguishable, but not annoying. It’s better not to use flashing or scrolling.

References and contacts

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Your reputation is everything. To show that you are a reliable partner to work with and to build trust, include referrals and testimonials. Other customers’ opinions can become a solid argument in visitors’ conviction to make a purchase or try your services.

With conversion in mind, one should not also forget about contact information. Check what converts better: a direct email link or a contact form. Make sure your footer and social media links work for conversion improvement as well. Are they clear, concise and easy to reach? Mind these points when designing a WordPress website.

Conversion rate optimization is an everlasting race. To provide flawless user experience and leverage all great options WordPress offers, you should constantly test new ideas. Such approach will help to establish assessable goals and successfully grow user engagement for better conversion rates.