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The Rise of E-commerce Websites and How to ensure safety while shopping

by Nicola Holder

Irrespective of imperfections surrounding us, eCommerce websites can be super-perfect. Wondering how? With the surge in cybercrimes, maintaining online security while shopping is important! With these top 11 security practices in place, you will sleep peacefully knowing your online store is protected and away from hacker intrusion.

Online safety is a major concern for eCommerce business owners. Therefore, every eCommerce business owner must make extra efforts to ensure their websites and clients’ data remain as protected as possible to maximize the customer experience in retail.

It has been surveyed that over 90% of online businesses encounter a data breach. Building security verification for eCommerce shouldn’t be a process other than a one-time process once your online store is up and operating. The top 11 suggestions for being secure while buying online are listed below. Let’s get going!

Go through the reviews of the website before buying anything

Go through the reviews of the website before buying anything

Source: nerdynaut.com

Have you recently spotted a top-notch product from a brand-new seller? If yes, you must first conduct your homework on an eCommerce business from where you have never bought anything. Search for the online reviews and BBB website ratings & complaints.

Here you can read reviews of the eCommerce website you are using on reputed sites like Top10 so that you know they are legit. You may directly call the business to check its authenticity. It’s because scammers often hack the contact details of legit businesses to make their eCommerce site look shady.

Always take into account the company’s shipping terms

Some retailers impose outrageous shipping costs that might turn a great deal into a costly error. Check to find out whether they offer insurance and tracking. Recognize their shipping methods, and exercise extra caution if the goods won’t be delivered within ten days.

Obtain a temporary credit card

credit card

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Cybercriminals have created extremely complex methods and software, even with your best attempts to conduct protected online transactions. As an extra measure of security for reliable shopping on the Internet, you can make transactions without using your regular credit card. Instead, you may use an interim credit card to make a purchase. Ask your provider whether you may obtain a temporary credit card number.

Be aware of the deals “too good to be true.”

Customers are advised to approach price tags that claim to be the best deal of the century with an adequate amount of caution. When products are marked down drastically below their fair market value, this ought to bring up questions about the honesty and reliability of the website. Although low costs are alluring, you must be aware if anything seems too good to be true.

Use unique passwords only


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This advice is repeated frequently for a good reason because it is so crucial. The best way to protect the confidentiality of your personal data is by using strong, one-of-a-kind passwords. Consider changing your passwords if you utilize the same one across different websites. Employ a password manager to assist you in developing and maintaining records of the kinds of lengthy, complex passwords that aren’t worthwhile a hacker’s effort to decipher if you’d like them to be practically hack-proof.

Be mindful about using your Linux-powered tablet

It might be better to employ a Linux-based device, including a Samsung tablet or another gadget running on the Linux operating system, for conducting business online. Your Apple iPad may be less susceptible to vulnerabilities when you make online purchases if it hasn’t been infected.

It’s nevertheless important to keep in mind that using an open Wi-Fi connection raises the risk of your login details and other private data being stolen.

Maintain an updated browser

You navigate between online stores using your browser. In order to maintain the highest level of safety and confidentiality features, it must be maintained and upgraded. It will prevent the disclosure of your private information.

Analyze your bank statements

Source: docsumo.com

Source: docsumo.com

The best way to safeguard your banking data and keep an eye out for any unauthorized or illicit activity on your banking account is to examine the bank statements you receive routinely. Thus, it is wise to inspect your bank statements, like weekly or monthly, frequently. You’ll be able to spot any unusual transactions immediately and take steps needed to notify your financial institution as a result.

Consider site security

You need to check the vendor’s website for encryption using SSL. Check for the padlock symbol to the left side of the URL in your web browser’s address field and ensure that the URL begins with https instead of http.

It is important to remember that HTTP encoding functions regardless of whether you are linked to a VPN. But when used in conjunction, a VPN and HTTPS security will keep your shopping experience extremely safe.

Avoid falling for email fraud

You can receive text messages or emails promoting fantastic deals or asserting a product’s delivery has yet to be successful. Discard any emails from unknown senders that seem dubious. Additionally, avoid opening files and clicking links in emails as they could infest your phone or pc with viruses and Trojan horses.

Never purchase anything on public Wi-Fi


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The ideal location for hackers and fraudsters to conduct their business is public Wi-Fi. These kinds of networks have unprotected safety, and cybercriminals can scan them for insecure connections. Although there are techniques to increase safety, shared computers are also quite unsafe.

Utilizing a VPN is crucial if you intend to utilize free public Wi-Fi at any cost. The password-protected link ensures the security of your banking data or payment card information when you click “Buy Now.”

If you adhere to basic precautions, protecting your online store from fraud is not difficult. Additionally, you must consider the aforementioned points and safeguard your client and business data from intrusions. However, you could thwart con artists by heeding these safety recommendations while preventing yourself from becoming their initial target.

If you order something online from an eCommerce business, consider using renowned payment gateways, including top-notch cybersecurity measures like encrypted transactions.