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5 Ways to Improve Your Tactical Thinking When Playing Apex Legends – 2024 Guide

by Cristina Alexander

Practice is paramount. It’s actually the only thing that will help you progress. You need to constantly improve your cognitive skills in order to achieve greater success. Just like muscles, cognitive skills are trained and become greater. Think like the best and improve your tactics using our help. We have selected for you some of the most popular ways to improve your cognitive abilities and achieve an extraordinary plan.

This game requires you to adjust to the pace of other players, which means that it will not be easy for you. Therefore, you should focus on mouse sensitivity, shooting or twitch compensation, and the like. Try a few of our tips to improve your game and win like true professionals.

1. Training mode

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The first rule is to never skip training mode. Stay in this game mode for a while and try to apply some new moves. Also practice your motor and cognitive abilities, because here you can do whatever you want. This way you will not damage your score, nor your self-confidence. This is a place where you learn thanks to trial and error, learning from experience will provide you with basic knowledge. So don’t miss the training mode, as it offers a number of benefits for you. You will also become better acquainted with all the equipment that you normally use or do not use. Keep in mind your goal and strive for it, and there are some good exercises for that.

Take advantage of many moving targets and quickly move on to the next goal. Don’t forget to practice targeting while coming out of the shelter, etc. These exercises will help you survive in the game and at the same time become more precise when aiming and eliminating the target. For example, try to place yourself in a place that contains an obstacle. Move slightly to the side, aim at the target and hit it. It should be in the distance, so that your exercise makes more sense. Also, you can visit Legionfarm.com and find professionals to play with them and learn even more.

2. Mouse sensitivity

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So, it is not enough just to have fantastic equipment with advanced functions. The most important thing is to know how to manage it. Whether your mouse is better or worse, it will be a little harder for you to control it if you can’t assume the ideal mouse sensitivity while aiming. Don’t worry, because things like this are practiced. It will also depend on personal preferences and settings. You may have read the ideal setting online for professional players, but don’t be guided solely by that.

They adjusted the settings to their own style of play, because they found what suited them best. Instead of just copying their settings, emulate their thinking and do the same as them. Adjust the settings to your style of play. However, they will not know what your style of play is if you have not been trained or practiced enough. However, it would be best to keep the sensitivity of the mouse low, because that way you will reduce the inconsistency and you will have much more control over it.

3. Eliminate jerk

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We believe that at the beginning it can be very difficult for you to establish maximum control over the mouse or target targeting. Most beginners or inexperienced players have this problem and it is nothing new. That’s how professional players started, but they knew the secret of success. And that is exactly compensating for recoil. You have to find your way. What it means? So every player has access to their weapon in the game and so try it to the maximum.

Test it in different places to assess the degree of twitching and find a way to reduce it. Once you learn the patterns, it will be much easier for you to determine where you will hold the mouse. If you still can’t figure out if you’ve made progress after exercising, you’ll easily check your progress. All you need to do is look at the wall to see the bullet prints. You can also stand in the distance and aim at a distant target, but take a picture of it.

4. Shooting

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You can improve accuracy in other ways. One is shot while sliding down the hills. This will not only be rewarding but also a very fun experience. This situation will be repeated during the game, which means that you must be absolutely ready for it. You will only succeed in this if you opt for a simulation. In this case, you will face a very steep cliff and your shooting abilities. Over time, they will get better, because you will get to know the environment. This way you will find some perfect angles from which it is possible to shoot. Otherwise, you will have a standstill and the opponent will automatically gain an advantage in the game. The good news is that in the game you can choose different rows of targets that can be anywhere.

5. Establishing balance

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Although training is very important, it is not the only thing you should keep in mind. In addition to all its positive aspects, you can do much more than that. This means spending equal time on training and real play. This way you will really learn best because you will not get too used to the training regime. Otherwise, you may start to regress at some point, because you will not have real experience or real feedback. By constantly repeating the training, you gain the ability to predict. If you manage to predict certain situations, you have moved on to the next level. This means that it is time for real games, although it is not bad to return to training from time to time. The most important thing is to strike a balance between these two modes.


No matter how difficult a game is, there is always room for improvement. That is the case with this game as well. Know that you will get better from game to game, but it takes time. Your experience can be even richer if you add regular training to that. However, don’t forget to go back to real players. In this way, you will get better acquainted with your advantages and disadvantages, and training is the place where you will make up for lost time and become better.