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Imagine to Never Miss a Shot Again, It’s Possible Now!

by Sinisav

INTERESTING ENGINEERING – 04/23/2020: If you are not very good at basketball and can’t hit the basket, your worries are over. Thanks to the people who are good at physics, know how to make software simulation, and are good with tools, now even you can become good at basketball. All you need is a backboard that will make every one of your shoots to come through the basket.

Of course, this board will not make you an NBA superstar, but it will make you satisfied. YouTuber Shane Wighton created this board, and it will direct your every shoot through the net. Yes, you heard it right, every each and one. This magic backboard was designed with only a bit of engineering, and much desire to make all of us perfect basketball players.


Source: youtube.com

The first step in making the perfect backboard was the creation of computer software that simulated shoots from all imaginable angles. When this was done, it was decided that the backboard needs to be a shallow elliptic paraboloid. If you can’t remember any other thing of this shape, think of your fruit bowl.

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After that, the needed shape was cut out of softwood by a CNC cutting tool based on a#d mesh. The blocks that CNC machine cut out were then assembled and smooth-en up with spray foam.

At first, not all shots went in, and the first testings proved the project to be a failure. But, the issue was the size of the ball and the height of the hoop. After lowering the hoop a bit, everything fit perfectly, and we got ourselves a perfect backboard.

So, by now you probably have figured it out. You don’t need to be a physical freak and talented to be good at basketball. All you need to do is to be a part-time genius.

Source: interestingengineering.com