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How You Can Travel and Get Paid For It

by Edvard Berlusconi

Airbnb is transforming the way we travel with the growth of short term rental properties popping up all over the world. Travellers are now given more choices for their travel needs, Airbnb is trying to supplant the entire end to end travel experiences partnering up with rental car agencies and local businesses to offer up options to travelers and even allowing Airbnb users to create “experiences” that offer a one of a kind experience like wine tasting tours to glass making class.


The travel tourism industry around the world makes up to 7% of GDP worldwide, which amounts to trillions of dollars. Airbnb short term property managers like Hostmybnb are opening up to help provide travelers a way to earn an income while they travel. This is a management company based in Australia and in Vancouver, Canada that helps homeowners manage their homes when they travel. Airbnb can be a lot of work for the average person and requires a bit of time commitment from guest inquiries, key handover to hotel-like cleanup.

A Lot of people don’t realize that it’s like running a small hospitality business, many first time users don’t have the time or the resources when they are traveling to run and manage a hospitality business properly. Thus, creating a lot of animosity between neighbors, strata, and councils.


Companies like these take all the hard work of managing your own Airbnb property by providing 24/7 concierge service, on the ground native Australian property managers that can deal with emergencies in the home and more importantly to look after the property while you’re away.

Currently, they have offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne and looking to expand their rental service to Adelaide.


One of their homeowners Helen who lives in Camperdown Inner West of Sydney, extended their African holiday. “We were gone for three months but extended by an extra month when we realized the income we were getting was enough to pay for our vacation and more.” Helen added, “Hostmybnb also helped to ensure that our property was rented out and cared for when we returned to our property it was in better shape then when we had left it.”

This Australian rental management company can be contacted through their website, where you can read more about their services. If you are traveling for 2 weeks or 2 years these property managers can potentially help pay for your travel plans.

Bon Voyage!