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Five Ways to Get Great Ideas for Your Next Vacation

by William Gist

Some families know exactly where they want to go when it’s time to plan their next vacation. They may have family they can visit halfway across the country, or they may have a favorite vacation spot they return to time and time again.


It’s not so easy for everyone.

It can be difficult to plan a vacation because you have no idea where to go! There are so many destinations across the world that it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out which one to pick.

Don’t give up! You can narrow down your options and figure out where to take the family. Just follow these tips!

Check out Travel Sites


You have probably already heard of some of the most popular travel sites. They include sites like Trip Advisor and Expedia, but these sites are limited if you actually want to plan what you want to do on vacation.

Consider getting off the beaten internet path and check out Vacations Made Easy instead. This website lists nearly every activity you can find in a certain location, with the added benefit of being able to book each activity right on the spot.

For example, Vacations Made Easy has pages of activities in Washington, D.C. that can help you decide if you should make it your next vacation destination. If you decide to visit the capital, you can buy tickets to Mount Vernon, bus tours, and more!

Pick up a Travel Magazine


Searching online can be convenient, but there’s just something about looking at an actual book when looking into different vacation destinations. Instead of spending a fortune on travel books at the bookstore, do your research by subscribing to a travel magazine instead.

There are many travel magazines to choose from that include:

According to bestbrandshq.com, the best thing about subscribing to a magazine is the fact that you can get an entire year’s worth of ideas for one low price. You can also choose a magazine that appeals to you. For example, if you have a big budget, you might want to subscribe to World Travel Magazine. If you have a smaller budget, you might want to stick with Travel Midwest.

Search for Travel Blogs


Don’t forget to look into travel blogs! The internet is full of bloggers with experience traveling anywhere in the world you can imagine. You just have to find a blogger that appeals to your interests!

For example, you might want to follow an influencer like Kate McCulley if you’re a solo traveler, or Eric Stoen if you’re looking for kid-friendly adventures. Check the blogs often to discover new travel destinations. You may also be able to find special deals that will encourage you to take one vacation over another.

Don’t forget to check in with famous travelers! Rick Steves is a popular PBS traveler that focuses on European travels, while Samantha Brown even has her own line of luggage!

Dive into Social Media

Nearly every blogger can be found on social media, so it’s a good tool to use when planning a vacation. Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest can be great resources when researching your next vacation.

You can spend hours combing through influencer accounts, but don’t forget to check in with your own family and friends! Browse their pictures and stories to see where they have been recent. If something sparks your interest, you can reach out and ask them questions about their experience. They may be able to provide you with tips and insight that you may not have gotten otherwise.

Get in on a Last-Minute Deal


If you’re really struggling to narrow down your travel options, consider browsing last-minute travel deals. If you can find an affordable flight to a foreign country, or a deeply discounted rate on a five-star hotel, it may just be the encouragement you need to decide on your next vacation destination.

A few last-minute travel deal apps to check include:

  • Google Flights compiles information from many travel sites to find the best deals.
  • Vayanama is a great option for those looking to travel internationally.
  • HotelTonight allows you to book up to 100 days in advance for stays up to 14 nights.

Just because you can’t figure out where to go doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend your vacation days at home! Do a little research with the tips on this list and find the perfect vacation destination for your family.