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How You Can Tell When Your Car’s Filters Need Replacement

by Sinke Car

While it may not sound significant, the role of a filter is absolutely essential to the overall performance of your car. This is why it’s important that you keep them clean and well maintained, and that you replace them at the right time.

Every car has four main filters. The cabin one, that protects the inside of your car, the fuel one, that keeps your fuel free from any environmental junk, the oil filter, that does the same for oil, and the air one, that keeps your engine cylinders clear of any debris.

Today, we’ll go over some tips to help you maintain your four filters, and also tell you the right time for replacing any given one of them.

Air Filter


It plays a vital role in protecting your engine cylinders. This is the main barrier keeping debris, dust, dirt, and other pesky environmental material that could get into the engine cylinders, and cause a myriad of issues. If an issue with this one is left unattended for too long, your engine block could be significantly affected, including a full engine seizure.

Experts have advised a change of air filter every 15000-30000 miles, depending on how much you drive your car and where you drive it. Its best to keep an eye on the filter, and if it looks too dirty, then consider replacing it. Better to be safe than sorry.

Fuel Filter


This nifty little defender keeps the engine drawing on good and clean fuel. The fuel feeding the engine passes through this one and any debris or junk is caught. Leaving a fuel filter unattended can cause significant changes to engine performance.

Your maximum mark for replacing this part should be 40000 miles. You can choose to extend that time but some of the issues you could face include a lack of engine power, constant stalling, and engine misfires.

Oil Filter


This one keeps your oil free from any dust or dirt, which in turn ensures your engine’s moving parts are always lubricated. Your oil filter gets changed every time you take it to the shop for an oil change, so you don’t have to worry about it too much. The only thing you need to ensure is that your oil is changed in a timely fashion. If not, your car would start sputtering and the engine exhaust would start to get dirtier until performance issues come up.

This one keeps dust and debris fr

Cabin Filter


om getting into your AC vents. If you’ve ever wondered why your car smells better or different from the outside, it’s because the cabin filter keeps any odours from coming into the car as well. We don’t even have to discuss the issues you would face if you don’t change your cabin filter. One of the signs that it needs replacing is that your car seems stuffy and suffocating all the time.

We hope the above is able to help you with ensuring the proper maintenance of your beloved car. For some more amazing tips and guides, check out chicmoto.com.