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8 Tips For Successful Startup Hiring

by Nina Smith

Bringing a new startup to life is not an easy task, and it definitely can hardly be done on your own. Every entrepreneur needs devoted colleagues who share the same ideas and have unique talents. The first people you hire for your enterprise are somewhat co-founders of your business as they will help you lead it from the beginning. Any good entrepreneur should be very attentive to the choice of people involved in one’s business. Of course, it is hard to guess whether this or that work will be good enough for your company. But the thing one can’t deny is that there is a particular set of necessary employees for every newly born startup.

It is well known that various people are talented in different spheres. Finding a universal person for doing everything within your company is almost an impossible task, so there is a necessity to build a team that can work as a single mechanism. Each of the crew members has to be capable of developing your startup in a specific direction. For example, one can be responsible for your enterprise’s technical support while others can build connections with possible customers and carry on your business’s creative side. Still, there is a basic starter pack of employees needed at the beginning of every successful startup.

1. University Drop-outs

Source: theconversation.com

There is no secret that many successful people left their universities and built incredible careers. Not that we advise you to do the same thing. Education is essential for any businessman. However, such people can be beneficial when you start a new business. In many cases, they leave their Alma Maters because they have nothing more to learn there or feel that the whole direction of education is going wrong. The majority of such people look for better opportunities and have their ambitions, which they are eager to embody as soon as possible. Such people can be strong pushers for your business as their ideas are often unconventional and original.

2. Original Freshers

Hiring fresh University graduates is also a good idea for any startup. Most freshly graduated students are full of energy and wish to fulfill their potential by working with new and growing companies. They tend to be initiative and have original ideas that can indeed help the early stages of your startup. Lack of experience is not a decent reason to skip freshers. Sometimes, these people can generate fresh ideas never seen before.

3. Once Failed Staruper

Source: entrepreneur.com

Those entrepreneurs who once failed in leading their own business appear to be very useful in new enterprises. Contrary to popular belief, most of them are not losers who ruined everything they had. In many cases, people lose their business because of some external troubles. When these people get a second chance, they tend to take it seriously. Don’t forget that they have an experience of their own, which means they can help you prevent possible failures. Besides, they are former founders who know how to lead a company from the very start. These people can be full of useful advice.

4. Assistant of Higher Order

Any startup needs to have a person who will always be near and share some work to make building a business easier. You will need a person to trust some part of your duties, and this person has to be an ambitious one. Being an assistant is not an easy task as it requires much attention to keep everything at hand and do all things in time. Just check sample marketing assistant interview questions to understand how hard this job is. Such a person is often responsible for optimizing a working process and keeping the whole team together.

5. DIY Maniac

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Do It Yourself is a motto of almost any startup, especially in the first stages of its existence. Not many entrepreneurs have enough money and resources to get all the needed equipment. When such time comes, you will need a handy and talented person to build the needed device from scratch or find cost-saving solutions for expensive problems. Also, these people are straightforward and very creative, and creativity is never enough when you are at the beginning of building your business.

6. Insistent Mentor

Any team needs to have a mentor on board, controlling and motivating the whole crew. Usually, these people have much experience and can organize, encourage, and guide other team members. A mentor doesn’t have to be a strict leader or a commander. These people’s ultimate goal is to tune the whole team in the right mood and guide them through the business journey’s depths.

7. A person that Connects Community

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Most trips begin in closed spaces where people have to work together. It’s not an easy task, especially when people are not familiar with each other. That’s why you need to have a person that can connect the whole crew. This activity can be done through various events and seminars. Community connectors have experience bringing people together, and they’re good psychologists that can help build a strong team.

8. Wonder Geek

Geeks aren’t considered suitable people to build a business with; however, they are very devoted to what they are interested in and dig any topic they deal with. Of course, not every geek will suit your crew, but if you find the one whose interests coincide with your company’s direction, a person like that can become a real generator of new ideas. Don’t forget that these people tend to collect a lot of information, proceed with it and analyze it. Every startup that wants to have a couple of smart brains on board should pay attention to finding a suitable crazy genius.

In other words, building a suitable team for your startup isn’t an easy task. SignalHire will become a handy tool for finding the needed personnel. However, if you put a decent amount of effort to collect the right people, your business will work as a perfect organism. Remember that the same component part can rarely perform different tasks. The same thing goes for human beings. If everyone fits in the right place, any startup will get successful.