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How Do You Tell If There Is Something Wrong With Your Teeth?

by Tracy Finke

Taking good care of your dental care will not only secure a good appearance and a nice smile. Problems with teeth could affect other health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, and much more. We all learn how to take good care from a young age. However, it is not a rare case for many people to avoid visiting the dentist regularly.

You need to know that there could be some indications for dental problems that only a professional can notice and prevent on time. If you are looking for an experienced dentist in Canada, check out libertyvillagedentalcare.com. According to experts, we should visit the dentist at least twice a year. Even if everything is ok with your teeth, the dentist will confirm that and be sure that there are no indications for issues.

It is a much easier solution since you can avoid many troubles with pain or even losing a tooth. It is cheaper as well since you will be paying only for examinations. Also, you should learn more about potential issues as well, so you can react on time. Here are the most common situations where you should look for professional help.

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This is the easiest way to conclude that there is a problem. The most common reasons for the pain are gum disease, cavity, damaged tooth, and more. You should never avoid the pain by thinking that it will simply pass without further problems. You can take some painkillers to make it easier for you, but you should visit the dentist as fast as you can. The doctor will examine your teeth and find out what is the cause of the problem.

Increased Sensitivity

Various reasons can cause this issue, like fractures, decay, gum disease, issues with the enamel, exposed root, and more. If you find it painful when you are drinking icy or too warm drinks, you make a reservation at the doctor’s office to find the main cause of the problem.

Bleeding Gums

This can be a sign of a serious problem called gingivitis. If you leave this problem without proper treatment, it may lead to periodontitis, which is a case where the gums will create a special form around the teeth, and the body will reject it since it is infected. If you want to prevent losing teeth, you should immediately visit the professional when you see the blood after washing the teeth.

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Sores on the Tongue

In case that there are sores in your mouth or on the tongue, it can be an indicator of several diseases. You could be infected by some bacteria, fungus, or a virus. Also, it can be a result of irritation affected by the braces or damaged teeth. If the problem is active for more than a couple od days, you should set an appointment to see the professional.

Unpleasant Breath

Even though this is not something that will make people worried about the health of their teeth, you should know that bad breath is not only a result of food and beverages. If you are brushing your teeth regularly along with the proper rinsing and using a thread, and there is still a problem with bad breath, maybe you have a sick tooth that has to be examined by the doctor.

Pain in the Jaw

The main issue is that a lot of people will avoid visiting the doctor in case that they are facing this problem. They might think that it is minor damage that will pass by itself. However, it could be an indication of some more serious issues. It will require an x-ray scanner to determine the cause of the pain.

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Lack of Saliva

The main problem if your mouth is dry is that there is no enough saliva to prevent the deposits of food to remain on your teeth and gums. That can lead to infection over time. In most cases, this comes as a result of some disease or medication, and you should contact the expert to find out the best solution.

Clear Signs of Infection

If you feel that a part of your gums is suddenly bigger, or some of the teeth seem like it is pulsating, but there is no pain only a strange feeling, it can be the first notice of an infection that can easily progress into something more serious. Also, if you recently added a piercing to your lips or tongue, it might cause pain, red marks, irritation, and other problems. In most cases, it will pass in a day or two. However, if you notice that the problem is present for a longer time, visiting the doctor is the only solution.

Visible Damage

In case that you break a tooth, you should immediately visit the expert, even if it seems like small damage. It will require taking a scanner for a closer look. The problem with avoiding this is that it might progress and lead to pain and open nerve.

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If you are paying proper attention to your dental hygiene and visiting the doctor regularly, but you suddenly started facing problems with the color, there could be different explanations for that. In most cases, the main factors are food, beverages, and cigarettes. For example, drinking a lot of coffee along with smoking is the most common reason for yellow teeth.

Last Words

Whatever the problem might be, you should keep in mind that only a professional will be able to determine the right cause and solution for that. Therefore, you should never avoid visiting a doctor whenever you are suspicious about having a potential issue.

Be aware of the fact that it is much more convenient, less painful, and more affordable when you visit the doctor on the first notice of a problem. On the other side, a complicated procedure requires time, effort, it might be painful, and you will need to spend much more, especially if you want to install artificial teeth.