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How to Save Instagram Videos?

by Ingeborg

Video has become one of the most widely used formats on social networks. Every time we see how there are more possibilities when uploading videos on networks like Instagram, which even has a new video platform.

Also, in other social networks like Facebook or Twitter, it has a leading role, although one of the problems that users face is how to download such videos that upload on the social network.

Now it’s time to show you how you can save Instagram photos and videos. The social network of photos is leaving more and more space for videos, and there may be one that you liked and want to have on your computer or phone saved.

Instagram does not give us an essential tool that allows us to download these videos that other users upload.

So we are forced to use third-party tools like Insta Downloader Pro and many others to be able to get hold of them. Luckily, the selection of these tools has expanded significantly over time. So it is getting easier.

Below we explain how we can download these videos depending on the device. Whether you are using the social network on your Android phone, in the desktop version, or on an iOS device, thus, you can download these videos at any time without any problem.


Why is it a good idea to download Instagram videos to your device? Advantage

Now Instagram becomes one of the best social networks, and most youth and the adult audience use this fantastic platform to meet new people with the help of publishing photos and videos.

Other than this chat option is also present to communicate with other people and make new friends.

Being able to download the videos published on the platform by other users to your computer is an excellent alternative since it will bring you a series of advantages to be able to enjoy them offline instantly. That is why here we present the main benefits of carrying out all this.

  • Access content without an Internet connection

Downloading these videos to your mobile device will allow you to access them whenever you want without the need to have an Internet connection or having mobile data.

  • Share the reproductions

Having these files on your computer will allow you to share them with friends and family through other social networks or via Bluetooth.

  • Save mobile data

Downloading these files to the device will allow you to save significantly on mobile data, especially if we have a somewhat expensive data plan. Taking into account that we will only spend megabytes once to download it and not in each of the reproductions within the platform.

  • Easy access to content

Having these reproductions on your smartphone will offer you easy access to it. Only by entering the gallery of your mobile, you can start enjoying them.

If you have downloaded any video to your mobile device, you can upload it to your Instagram social network or any other platform in a straightforward way. However, you should bear in mind that for this, you will need a Wi-Fi network or data consumption.

Download Instagram videos on Android


The social network was initially created for mobile phones, although it has had a desktop version for a long time. But the vast majority of users access it from their smartphone.

If you have an Android phone, we find several ways to download these videos. The simplest way is to make use of applications. In the Play Store, we have a large number of apps that give us this possibility.

The best option in this regard is Video Downloader for Instagram. Thanks to this app, which we can download for free, we can download videos on our Android phone that other users upload on the social network. And the way it works is straightforward, so we will not have problems in this regard. Once downloaded, we have to enter Instagram itself.

There we must locate the video that we have seen the video that interests us. We then click on the three vertical points that appear in the upper right part of the screen.

We are going to get several options in a context menu, among which we find the possibility of copying the URL of that post. We click on this option, and the URL will have been copied to the clipboard. Then, we enter the app that we downloaded on our Android phone.

Within this application, what we have to do is paste the URL that we just copied. Then the video that we have seen on Instagram will be shown on the screen, and we want to download it.

We have to click on the share icon, where we will then be able to download it. Click on this option, and the download will start. In a few seconds, we will have the video on our Android phone.

Download Instagram videos on PC


The desktop version of the application has been gaining presence. Currently, we can carry out a large number of actions from it, and it allows us to navigate between the profiles of those accounts that we follow in a very comfortable way.

For this reason, we may come across a video on occasion. And if we are using the computer, with Google Chrome as a browser, we have several options.

Download directly

A straight forward trick allows us to download the videos without the need for pages or to install extensions in the browser.

What we have to do is enter the Instagram profile that contains the video that interests us. When we are in the profile, and we already have the footage located, we right-click on it, without entering the post. We then select the option “open link in a new tab”.

When we open in a new tab, the video address looks something like this: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bpw1bBIl775/. All we have to do is modify this URL slightly. Add qq before Instagram, and so we can download it. So the URL would become https://www.qqinstagram.com/p/Bpw1bBIl775/. Then we give enter in the address bar.

It will take a while, but it will take us to a page where we can download the video directly. A download button will appear on the screen, which is the one we have to press in this case. Thus, we download the video to our computer in a simple way.



Google Chrome has a massive number of extensions available, thanks to which we can download these videos that we see on Instagram on our PC.

Thus, we have to install the extension, and when we see a video, we have to click the download button, which makes the process noticeably easier.

There is a useful extension that will allow us to download all kinds of content that upload on the social network. The extension in question is called Downloader for Instagram, which you can download in Chrome at this link.

Thanks to it, you will be able to download both photos and videos that upload on the social network. Its operation is also effortless; when we install it in the browser, enter the social network.

When entering a profile, if we put the cursor on a video or photo, we will see that the option to download appears at the top of it.

So we have to click on it so that we can download the video or photo that interests us. The video will automatically download to the computer, and we can save or work with them. In the case of videos, it will download in MP4 format.

Download Instagram videos on iPhone

With the iPhone, the same thing happens with Android, the best and easiest option in this regard is to use an application.

In the App Store, we find many opportunities to download videos from Instagram, whose operation is similar. A good option, which has positive user ratings, is Regrammer, which you can download from the App Store.

When we have installed it on the iPhone, we have to first go to Instagram and look for the video that interests us in this case.

In the upper-right part of the screen, we see three vertical points, on which we must press. When doing so, several options will appear, among which we find the option to copy the URL of said video. Click on it.

We then enter Regrammer, and we will see that a box appears on the screen. What we have to do is paste the URL that we just copied into it.

We then click on the preview button to see what the video we are interested in downloading is true. Then, click on the share button, and we will get several options. We have to hit the save.

In this way, the video will save on our iPhone. Therefore, the process of downloading a video from the popular social network is effortless thanks to this free iPhone application.