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How to Protect Your Contact Lenses From Different Climates

by William Gist

Contact lenses are the greatest man-made invention after the traditional glasses. With this aid, you could go on and live like you have sharp eyesight even if you don’t. It feels like having nothing on and look natural despite its application. However, there are a few reminders you must accomplish before finally donning your first ever contact lenses. It takes a lot of patience and caution to maintain and take care of your device. Here are a few tips:

There are different types of contact lenses. Not all types would suit all people. You need to know the perks and benefits of each as this is the only way for you to find out what’s best for you. Also, you have to weigh down your options on whether you would like disposable or permanent pair.


According to cosplaylens.com, one of the most important considerations you have to look to is the weather. You see, the climate has a very big impact on how your contact lenses would last and provide efficient effects. Very cold temperature may constrict the blood vessels and all the more decrease the blood circulation in your eyes; with the added pressure of the artificial lenses on your eyes, the circulation may be impaired all the more. If you have not experienced any bad weather effects on your lenses, be cautious still if you are to visit other places apart from home.

Foremost, you need to protect your lenses from dust and other air pollution. If such particles come in contact with your lenses, you will have very uncomfortable irritations and watery eyes. The dirt is very painful to the eyes. To add to that, you are sure to experience prolonged sessions of eye rubbing to rid the dirt – not a healthy habit. If you are to go outdoors, it is advisable that you wear sunglasses with it. This will be an added protection for your eyes and lenses as well.


During extreme hot temperatures, various bad effects could also occur. Eyes have natural discharges that keep the eyes moist. Furthermore, contact lenses must also have that same wet environment so as to function well. If you are under a hot condition, the tendency is for your eyes to dry and cause discomfort.

In conclusion, the best tip of all is to seek a professional consult. Your doctor will know the best type of lenses for you. So take their advice first before investing in a pair.