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How to Please a Girl and Attract Her Attention

by Ingeborg

If you are told: “You’re not handsome or fat, so she won’t even look at you,” she might still like you. You only need to apply tips on how to please a girl (woman) in practice. And you don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. Men’s training usually teaches how to captivate girls but doesn’t consider how to learn to always please them. Besides, these issues mainly take into account men’s opinions rather than the women’s point of view. But if you want to please the softer sex, you must take their opinion into account.



This is one of the most key details of how to please a girl and find a bride on Ladadate or another available resource. Confident men always cause the sympathy of the opposite sex, always imposing upon them. When a confident guy enters the room, all the female representatives inside understand who is number one here. All the girls start whispering softly, winking at each other, discussing this man, and want to please him themselves.

How to Attract a Girl with Your Appearance


Don’t even try to deny that no matter how well-read or intelligent a guy is, his appearance is important to attract a girl. After all, as you know, a book is judged by its cover! This means you need to take care of your clothing, keeping it always clean and ironed. Change your t-shirt and shirt more often (at least once every three days) and don’t wear them for a whole week. Pay special attention to your shoes.

Don’t overlook the effectiveness of the men’s jacket. According to the absolute majority of girls, there is nothing better than a well-fitted jacket, whether it is a suit or just with jeans. For girls, a guy in a jacket looks amazing because:

  • the jacket expands your shoulders;
  • it looks stylish;
  • makes your body more masculine and bigger;
  • this is some evidence for girls of the status of a man (at least illusory);
  • such a guy initially looks more attractive than a guy in ordinary clothes.

Another secret: girls pay attention not only to what you are wearing, but also evaluate your entire appearance. Therefore, you should also arrange your hair, paying attention to it every day.

Be Sure That You Smell Good


The smell is an important detail of how to attract a woman, no matter whether she is young or already over 40 years old. Have you ever seen how during a conversation with a man, a woman sharply resiles from him at some point and even stops communicating with him if he leans toward her? As scientists have found out, the reason for such a sudden change in communication can be an unpleasant smell, especially from the mouth. A woman’s nose is much more sensitive than a man’s, so ladies are much more sensitive to the diversity of smells.

By the way, it should be noted that this ability largely affects the girl’s subconscious choice of a guy. Therefore, men should always maintain personal hygiene and at the same time moderately use cologne or perfume. If you overdo it, the smell will repel. The same applies to clothes, if they don’t smell fresh, there will be no use from cologne or perfume.

Try to Be an Interesting Conversationalist and Person


One should agree that even a great appearance and good manners will not help a boring guy a woman has nothing to talk about. Usually, the conversation of unfamiliar people arises around some common topics, and for this, you need to know about the events happening around you. If you don’t like to read news sites or special literature, various social media groups can help.

Subscribe to those pages or communities where you can replenish your knowledge. Besides, you will see what is now most heard or trending. Then, during a conversation, you won’t look “numb”. But as you know, this is not enough. To always remain an interesting interlocutor, one cannot do without constant replenishment of knowledge.

And for this, you need to read a variety of literature: fiction, technical or general education texts. Many have found useful books on general psychology thanks to which a person learns to better understand not only himself but also surrounding people. Therefore, read a lot and constantly.

Good Manners


Girls like to be noticed. But they are infuriated when someone bluntly stares at them. This is considered indecent. Look at the girl you like carefully, and if she has caught your eye, you shouldn’t immediately turn away cowardly. Smile at her — it will create a pleasant impression about you.

In conversation with all women, intermittently give them appropriate compliments. But avoid flattery and any platitudes. It is best to praise what you really like about your interlocutor. This will be an additional proof of your interest in her. It is also worth noting obvious facts such as a beautiful speech or a pleasant conversation.

Try to be attentive to the mood of your interlocutor. If you see that she is sad or concerned about something, politely ask about the reason that led to this mood, offering your help.

Ability to Control Yourself Under Any Circumstances


No matter what troubles you encounter, learn to always keep calm, without betraying your nervousness or other negative emotions. Even if something provokes you, refrain from showing bright emotions: anger or rage. Girls will always like the guy who behaves completely calm and doesn’t show inappropriate assertiveness. To top it all off, this means that if you are denied communication, then you shouldn’t insist on it or on a date if the girl declined it. Go beyond it at the same time without losing your face.

To Sum Up


The truth is that no one is born with the ability or knowledge of how to always attract all girls under any circumstances. It is even worse when there is no trusted brother or friend to ask them for help. Although in fact, it is not so difficult or impossible to please someone. You just need to know what girls prefer in men’s image, behavior, manners, and stick to this. After reviewing step by step these simple uncomplicated life hacks, you can be sure that you now know how to always remain attractive in women’s eyes.