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How to Hang Curtains in an Apartment: Decorating Tips

by Nina Smith

Curtains, often underplayed, serve as a cornerstone in apartment décor. Their transformative ability can convert a plain window into a captivating focal point. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they bestow privacy, shielding your world from prying eyes. In this expansive guide, we delve into every facet of curtain selection, hanging techniques, and maintenance. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive toolkit to beautify your apartment windows like never before.

1. Assessing Your Apartment

Before dashing to the nearest home décor store to grab curtains, take a moment to evaluate your apartment. Understanding its nuances is the first step:

  • Window Size: Your window’s dimensions play a pivotal role. Armed with a measuring tape, jot down its width and height. This not only dictates the curtain size but also helps in understanding the scale in relation to the room.
  • Ceiling Height: A higher ceiling often warrants longer curtains to maintain proportionality. Conversely, a standard ceiling might look cluttered with overly long drapes.
  • Existing Decor: Envision your room as a canvas, with curtains as the final brushstroke. Does your room sway towards a vintage charm or contemporary chic? Identifying this can help in selecting curtains that beautifully meld, rather than stick out jarringly. You should also try to match your curtains with furniture, rugs, carpets, or any other room accessory to achieve perfect balance in your apartment.

2. Choosing the Right Curtains

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Selecting the right curtain, or cortinas in Spanish, is akin to finding a piece of art that speaks to you. It should resonate, reflect, and revere your apartment’s personality.

  • Modern Apartments: Sleek, minimalist designs, often in neutral or monochromatic palettes, enhance the contemporary charm. Think whites, grays, or subtle metallic hues.
  • Traditional Spaces: Warm tones, intricate patterns, or even rich, opulent fabrics like velvets can augment the classic ambiance. Don’t shy away from florals or paisleys if they suit the room’s character.
  • Minimalistic Themes: If less is more for you, opt for solid colors with a smooth texture. The focus here is on simplicity and functionality, allowing other elements of the room to shine.

3. Measuring for Curtains

Getting measurements right is paramount. Although it may seem like a monotonous chore, ensuring precise measurements is pivotal for the end result.

Length: Begin from the curtain rod’s point of attachment, descending to your desired endpoint. For homes exuding traditional charm, allow curtains to graciously touch the floor. On the contrary, for a breezy, contemporary touch, let them rest just a tad above the floor, say about half an inch.

Width: Here’s a pro tip: For that luxurious, pleated look, aim for curtains that are 1.5 to 3 times wider than the window. Always keep this multiplier in mind when making purchases.

4. Curtain Hardware and Accessories

Think of the finest artwork you’ve ever seen; its frame is as much a part of its beauty. Likewise, the right accessories magnify the elegance of your curtains.

Rods: More than just a hanging mechanism, curtain rods are style statements. Whether it’s the timeless allure of wooden rods or the modern sophistication of metallic ones, your choices are as diverse as they are significant.

Hooks and Rings: Often overlooked, these tiny details can markedly redefine your curtain’s appearance. Be it the charm of vintage hooks or the sleekness of contemporary clips, they should resonate with the curtain’s character.

5. Curtain Styles

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Curtains, much like fashion, come in a plethora of styles, each lending a unique ambiance to a room.

Tab-Top: Defined by fabric loops at the top, these curtains exude an easygoing, relaxed vibe, perfect for casual settings.

Grommet: These have metal rings seamlessly integrated, presenting a polished, modern aesthetic. They slide effortlessly, making them as functional as they are stylish.

Pleated: The epitome of tradition, pleated curtains add texture, depth, and formal touch, suitable for classic interiors.

6. Hanging Curtains Without Drilling

Renting or wary of altering walls? Contemporary solutions ensure that your walls remain pristine.

Tension Rods: Ingeniously designed, these rods adapt to your window’s width, holding up due to their inherent tension. Forget drills; all you need is a keen eye to ensure it fits snugly.

Adhesive Hooks: The marvels of modern innovation, these robust hooks guarantee strongholds, and when the time comes, they can be removed without any unsightly residues.

7. Proper Curtain Installation

The difference between amateurish and professional curtain hanging lies in attention to detail.

Leveling: It’s paramount to ensure the rod is uniformly parallel to the window. Employing a level tool can make this task seamless and error-free.

Even Hanging: Post rod installation, when you drape the curtains, ascertain they fall with uniformity. Tiny adjustments can make a world of difference in appearance.

8. Enhancing Privacy and Light Control

Curtains serve a dual purpose – they’re decorative masterpieces and guardians of your sanctuary.

Blackout Curtains: A boon for light-sensitive sleepers and movie buffs, these curtains shield interiors from external light, paving the way for undisturbed rest or entertainment.

Sheer Curtains: Perfect for spaces like living rooms, they allow a gentle dance of diffused light, illuminating while maintaining a veil of privacy.

9. Layering Curtains

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For aficionados of texture and depth, the concept of layering is a game-changer.

Functionality: Pairing a translucent sheer curtain with a dense blackout counterpart lets you toggle between varying degrees of light and privacy with ease.

Aesthetic: By orchestrating curtains of different colors and textures, you can concoct a visual symphony, enhancing depth and visual interest.

10. Maintenance and Cleaning

The longevity of your curtains hinges on their care regimen.

Regular Dusting: An oft-ignored aspect, dusting your curtains weekly can preempt the accumulation of dirt and allergens, ensuring they remain pristine and breathable.

Fabric Care: Curtains, depending on their fabric, have specific care needs. While some may bask in machine washing, others might necessitate a gentler, professional cleaning approach. Always refer to care instructions.


With all these insights, you’re now equipped to transform your apartment windows. Remember, while guidelines are good, let your individuality shine. Your apartment is a reflection of you. Embrace it, experiment with it, and most importantly, enjoy it! Do share your curtain-adorned windows in the comments. We’d love to marvel at your creativity!