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6 Tips How To Match Your Rugs with Curtains

by Nina Smith

There is peace when you look at well-matching items placed together, especially those you see first when entering your room. The opposite is also true. That has a raised concern among many on how to match their rugs and curtains.

Matching takes many dimensions. Therefore, you match rags and curtains correctly, and it will give your room a pop of color that will keep you happy. And you can view Navajo style rugs at https://www.southwesternrugsdepot.com/ for the best and charming rug designs that will impress you. How then do you match these two things?

1. Same families of a certain color

Source: homedecorbliss.com

There are dozens of colors available. For example, there are over 20 different shades in the green family. Even yellow has over 50 varieties, not to mention blue with over 100 different shades, meaning they are huge families.

Also, it means that you have a large variety of the same color from which you can choose. It means you can choose a particular family of blue for your rug and another for the curtains. Your colors do not need to match perfectly.

2. Choose colors that complement each other

Complementary colors are opposite to one another in the wheel of colors. These colors are green and red, green and yellow, purple, and red. Complementary colors offer the best stability and contrast.

Hence, choose a red rug and green curtain. Choose a purple rug and red curtains. Rainbow colors that are shouting are beautiful.

3. Hold on to neutral colors

Source: homedecorbliss.com

These colors blend well with everything, and they give your room a unique appeal. These are colors like brown, beige, black, grey, and no matter the room, these offer perfect matches.

If you think that your bedroom, office, and table room are dimensional in a neutral color, add any other shade. Amazingly, they go well with all the other colors, especially when designing your living room.

4. Curtain size

There are three kinds of curtain sizes. Some touch the floor; some barely touch it, while others reach the window ledge. Different rugs blend well with different types of curtains.

For a more stylish view, if you have a thick wool rug or a large Persian rug, the long curtains reaching the floor can be the best option. They accomplish the image of a charming room and creamy texture.

If you have a more active type and smaller in size rug, then choose a smaller curtain; it’s not visually overwhelming. Both the window ledge and the full-length curtains will do well in this case. This is because they give a clearer view of the whole space.

5. Curtain fabric

Curtains vary in the type of fabrics used to make them; hence they differ in characteristics. Cotton is lightweight, can be cleaned easily, and is also versatile.

If you have a small wool rug, light kilim rug, or a cotton rug, then cotton curtains will make a perfect combination because they feature the rug to create a warm and soft blend in your space.

For high ceilings and big spaces, velvet curtains are the best solution. These curtains make a perfect match with the Persian rugs or any rug that has glow and sheen in them.

It is unusual for a person to go for a wool curtain; they best fit mostly for cold weather. You can match these curtains with thick wool rugs and a fringe covering ample space.

Sheer rugs match with almost all types of rugs since they are light material and don’t overwhelm the rug’s features. These curtains are a fun and quick option for many living spaces.

6. Patterns

Source: pinterest.com

Motifs and patterns are the essential elements when it comes to matching rugs and curtains. In this case, the hierarchy is always; rug first, the curtain next. Therefore, it is the rug patterns that will dictate the drapes’ patterns.

Hence, try to balance the designs by not overlooking some of the stuff in your room. Therefore, if your rag and furniture have bold and heavy patterns, then pick curtains with moderate or no motifs at all.

Generally, have a rug with more prominent patterns and curtains with smaller scale patterns.

Wrapping Up

When decorating a room, you don’t need designing skills to make it charming. You need the above tips to help you know how to match your rugs with your home’s curtains. Matching the rugs and curtains can be challenging, but now you know what you can do to achieve your goal. Make use of Pinterest to draw some inspiration from there.