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How to get an Australian Visa?

by Jajce d Muckic

Every year, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection receives hundreds and thousands of student, family, migrant and work visas- and a lot of them will be successful, but a thousand bills be turned down.

Some applications will be refused because of ineligibility or fraud, but a big number of them are denied because of innocent mistakes, misunderstandings, and inconsistencies. Applying for a business, family, study, work or partner work visa can be a demanding and complex process which is why it is important to get it right. “People can end up wasting thousands of dollars on migration fees, and six to eight months of their time,” said the migration agent Zeke Bentley.

Migration Agent Rowena Prasad from Migration Downunder in Sydney, says that submitting form is just a very small part of the whole process, and it is important to understand what exactly the Department is looking for and how the system really works.

Here are some tips to successfully get an Australian Visa.

Evidence is vital

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Work, business and family visas can require a lot of sustaining evidence. Qualifications and work histories need to e demonstrated, relationships need to be proved and asses holdings must be shown. Australian migration agents say that everything you claim must be demonstrated with evidence.

Migration agents cannot simply rely on your word- information needs to be verifiable through concrete evidence. It is all about addressing the evidence so they can make sure if everything is clean and consistent so they don’ raise any question.

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Third-party documentation is also very important, especially if you are self-employed. Government-level documents will carry a lot more weight than the private level documents. Group certificates, bank records, pay-slips, and tax returns are all an effective way of proving employment.

If you try to prove that you have worked for 40 weeks, you will need to give them 40 weeks of bank statements that show deposits and 40 pay-slips.

Wealthier applicants when applying for a business visa can run into trouble if they have some complex trust or company arrangements. In order to get yourself a business visa, you will have to show that you are wealthy enough, but you cannot do that if the money is not in your name or is in a trust. You must pay attention to this kind of thing.

Be consistent

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The Immigration Department will always cross-check all of the information you have submitted, as well as bring up all previous government records and visa applications to check for consistency. Clearing up an inconsistency, even it was just accidental or innocent, can delay the process considerably, which can cost you money and potentially risk a denial. The Immigration Department is extremely vigilant and will not hesitate to raise issues.

Be accurate

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The importance of accuracy is something we can all agree on when submitting an application for a visa. A lot of applications have been denied just because of some very small and innocent mistakes. It is very important that you check everything you have submitted, so you are 100% sure.