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5 Best Software to Grow Your Business

by William Gist

The development of a business or any company entails a lot of challenges, especially if a business is newly established. Even you have more enough funds and resources along with your ideas; you must have some powerful software to grow your business. We have compiled a detailed list of some best software that usually affects growing businesses:

5 Best Marketing Software 2019

Nowadays, computer software can handle different tasks that humans can’t handle due to a shortage of time or fewer skills. Typing, filing, accounting, and marketing are few of the essential skills that small businesses can take on with accuracy and great confidence by the latest software.

There is a few software available in 2019 that it would be foolish to try and wastage of investment. I have just listed what I think over are the best for new business owners. Whereas, I can’t claim that this list is conclusive but I can assure that it is the best list:

1. Klaviyo (Automated Marketing)

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First of all, let’s talk about Kalviyo. It is particularly developed for customized marketing, and its main function is to provide data-driven problem-solving processes. The detailed features of klaviyo are explained on the website.

When it comes to selecting the perfect email marketing software for your company, there are a lot of options. But, when you know what you want, your decision becomes easy. Some even choose email marketing providers based on their preferred colors – yes, it’s that easy.

Feature Highlights

  • It is a very advanced email marketing tool.
  • Kalviyo allows you to segment all of your listed data based on a variety of different aspects.
  • You can be able to integrate from Facebook to your preferred audiences.
  • Kalviyo is a reliable Visual representation. With that being said, you don’t need to have programming skills to develop computerized flows, make forms or email platforms for the website.

2. Wave (Finance and accounting)

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Wave is a well-integrated business software that syndicates accounting, invoicing, and receipt scanning into one straightforward and compact package. This is a free software application which is one of the best options for small businesses.

The configuration of the app is easy to set up and the interface is user-friendly. It has a very navigable dashboard with everything you required is in the user approach and easy to access.

Feature Highlights

  • Wave is free software, and there are no undeclared fees or hidden charges.
  • This is an ideal accounting and invoicing tool for small businesses (less than 15 employees), freelancers, and consultants.
  • Wave allows a business owner to pay employees from anywhere with the correct amount
  • It has tax calculations & deductions features.
  • Wave also allows you direct deposit and direct credit card payments

3. Slack (Communication)

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Slack is just like an instant messaging software, in fact, it is the latest alternative of old tools like ICQ or AIM that were used widely in the 1990s. This software is specifically designed for businesses, it organizes team discussion into channels so that communication never gets confused and information is easy to find.

Feature Highlights

  • Slack is becoming an effective B2B marketing software
  • It helps with different issues, share information and resources, host FAQs and more general discussions around the topic at hand.
  • Slack offers several IRC like features, containing insistent chat rooms organized by topic, direct messaging, and private groups.

4. Deputy (Time management)

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If you have five or 50 employees in your company, managing the schedules of all those can be terrible for contingency planning and availability guesswork. Deputy is software that puts the scheduling platform in the cloud.

By using this software all the data will be accessible online so that both employers and employees can access it via apps on personal devices. Employees can submit shift requests and also block out in the absence. It allows the management to create schedules within a few minutes by defining the criteria for each shift and rest will be done by software.

5. Zoho Books (Accounting)

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Zoho Books is one of the best particularly helpful applications for sole proprietors, freelancers, and small businesses. If you don’t need mega-features that other software offers then you don’t need to pay for them.

Zoho Books is subscription-based accounting software that has all the required features for your small business without the hefty price tag.

While free accounting software may be sufficient in the early days of your endeavors with your nonprofit, when donations grow and operations become more and more complex, a solution is necessary that can handle not just the volume but also the complexity of increased revenue streams for nonprofits. The revenue stream for nonprofits are not just diverse but there are strict rules governing the use of revenue for specific things. For more detailed information check out Aplos.com.