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How To Drink From A Shotski?

by Jajce d Muckic

A Shotski is a drinking apparatus. Created from an un-mounted, old ski (or snowboard, but that’d be known as a shot-snowboard, which does not fairly have the same ring to this), it needs a certain panache measure. Each ski town bar has one of such babies hanging somewhere on a wall. A few enterprising bartenders have taken an old ski and stick numerous shot glasses to the top. Here is how you do so with style:

Select The Beverage Wisely:


So frequently, a few random groups at the bar pull you out of a discussion with the Joe Schmoe attempting to sway you that you ought to let him join you on your next avalanche route. Usually, there is a lady, who hooks her arm around your waist, guides you away from the Schmoe, and over to the ski. The glasses on the ski have all been filled, and the crowd is one shy of the total required. Now, when you are in such a situation, always try to choose your beverage wisely.

Contemplate Height Differences:

It may seem like no huge deal. And it is not if you and the others are within some inches of one another. But so frequently that cute little babe that pulled you away from that Schmoe is six inches shorter than you. Position yourself between the drinkers that have a similar height. This way, nobody will pull the fireball shot ski in their way, away from you, which will reason a huge mess, making you appear like a novice.



Somebody is gonna grab that ski and turn that ski towards him or herself, whether you are prepared or not. Watch down your line. Be ready for the early imbibition (made-up word: the high-five!). You do not desire to finish up with the Buttery Nipple dripping down the front of the SmartWool. Be careful here.

Go Time:

When the group is all set, somebody, the bartender, if it is a slow night, will start the countdown. Grab the ski in front of you with the right hand and hold it firmly. Do not let it tilt towards you so fast. On 3 steps up to that shot, and tilt the ski gradually. Some jokers will try to tip it really quickly. Be prepared for that too.

Drink Fast:


Simply open up and let it rip. You may finish up with the hint of your favorite party drink on the upper lip. That is fine. Just swipe that away using the tongue. If you are new to all of that, a napkin can be useful, so you do not need to wipe the leftovers on the shirt sleeve. But either way, get rid of the sticky mess before it forms a mass.

High-Five The Compadres:

Hand your shot ski grommet back to your bartender and give a victory-five to the fellow skiers, who’ll almost certainly keep on drinking until that bar closes. You, however, ought to go home while you are ahead, particularly if it is snowing again. You would not desire to miss the first chair.