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Vision Mercedes Simplex – This New Mercedes Concept Is A Futuristic Take On The All-time Classic

by Elsa Stringer

The Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft launched a car some 118 years ago car that nobody else had ever seen or thought of before. They named it the Mercedes 35 PS, and it was invented by Emil Jellinek. This car changed the way people looked at cars back then, and it replaced the motorized carriage car models.


This game-changing design was presented at the Nice Race Week, after which it continued to dominate whatever race it would join. The car had a flat vehicle design, a strong low chassis high performance engine, as well as a front radiator. This was the first modern car in today’s sense. Today they were aware of that historic event by the new Mercedes design.

This new modern concept is called the “Dream Mercedes Simplex” and it aims to convey the message that the legendary Mercedes-Benz wants to be remembered for, which is elegance and creativity. “Only a company as strong as Mercedes-Benz is worthy of the tangible symbiosis between past and the future.” Dream Mercedes Simplex symbolizes the evolution of the product-specific elegance, according to Gorden Wagener, who is the Chief Creative Officer.

Vision Mercedes Simplex


A bench for two is located on top of the monocoque frame, four wide freestanding wheels, and a fully modern driving screen. The front part is white, while the back end is black, just like on the original that appeared more than a century ago. The car also has many aerodynamic surfaces, and the transparent wheels add to the general lightweight build.


The radiator is rose gold, and the front virtual 3D screen shows a digitally superimposed “Mercedes” word, along with the status animations. There is even a leather bag in the back end of the body. The cabin features a steering column, different switches, and an instrument panel that is inspired by motorcycles and nautical details. The azure blue upholstery and the luggage openers have elements of handcraftsmanship.


The driving display only shows you the needed information when you actually need it, or during specific driving situations. This allows the driver to have all the relevant information while focusing on the road ahead at all times.

Vision Mercedes Simplex Video