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How to De-Stress Naturally?

by William Gist

Before we discuss the very best and natural ways to de-stress and how to implement them in your current stressful and unhealthy lifestyle, we need to know what exactly is causing so much stress.

First, find the source to your stress, it can be your long hours of sitting on your working, too much pressure of work on you by your boss and what not. These are the most common cases with the majority of the population.


Stress can be quickly built whether you want it or not. It will be hung up on you like a leech.

No one tells you how easily you can make that stress go away or let’s say how easily you can de-stress yourself from all that stress.

Before I tell you about some of the ways to de-stress, you should consider the following in your mind:

  • Firstly, you should recognize yourself when you are stressed.
  • Secondly, you should get that main reason because of which you are stressed.
  • Thirdly, you should identify the things which can generally let go off your stress.

It can either be eating a chocolate bar, shutting yourself off from all the work for some time, going for a quick jog, talking to your best friend, or playing an outdoor sport.


Top 10 ways to de-stress naturally are:

1. Put on some good music:

The music you like for many years, play it on your smartphone and hear to it joyfully.

It can surely help you relieve some stress quickly while you are listening to your favorite music, joyfully. This will give you some relief from all of your stress and anxiety.

2. Meditation and Good Sleep:

The oldest page from every book until now is meditation; it is the key to all your problems.

Just leave everything that you are doing and take a meditation session for around 10-15 to cool yourself off. You can also do this anywhere, anytime without any problem. Secondly, you must have a proper sleep for at least 8-9 hours every day.

If you find it hard to have a sound sleep, try using a weighted blanket which would make you feel hugged. Interested in purchasing a weighted blanket for yourself? Check out the great selection at https://www.mosaicweightedblankets.com.

This will calm your monkey mind and help you sleep better. You can know more about weighted blankets in this detailed post here.


3. Just unplug:

Leave everything as the way it is, even if it is for 10-15 minutes every day.

To sync yourself to your best being or you can take some days off from your work.

Breaking the regular pattern of your lifestyle and just enjoying the things as it is can relieve your stress extensively.

4. Just stay positive:

Like meditation, it is another rule from the oldest book to live a happy life.

Having a positive lifestyle makes you more stress-free than you can ever imagine.

It makes you healthier whether it psychological health or physical health.


5. Deep breaths:

Taking Deep breaths can help your body immensely, deep breaths help in relaxing your body, which indirectly decreases your stress level.

6. Eat Something:

Stress isn’t always bad, pick something which keeps your mind off the stress points and also keeps your body nourished at the same time. Nothing is more important for your body than proper nourishment. Unhealthy eating habits can make you stressed, then you can imagine.

Eat a banana:

Banana has potassium in it, which helps in regulating blood pressure, which mainly rises during some stressful events. According to some people eating a banana relieves them of some of their stress and anxiety while providing them with energy.


7. Step away from your laptop:

Whether you own a computer or a desktop, sitting long hours on it can make unhealthy in terms of sleep loss and stress.

According to some studies, late night use of laptops or computers can make you stressed.

So, after using your laptop for hours step away from it and just a break of 15-20 minutes to relieve your stress.

8. Eat something sweet:

Eating something sweet can make you happy and de-stressed because it lowers the production of stress, making hormones at the same time.

So, sometimes eat something sweet to make yourself happy.


9. See your friends:

Meeting your good buddy can undoubtedly make you feel good, which means a lower level of stress, anxiety while having lots of fun.

10. Hit the gym:

Working out can help you immensely, both physically and mentally. It helps in lower production of stress hormones while clearing out your head off from all that mental pain and sadness, which is caused by stress. It also enables you to feel happy and more active in your day to day life. It increases your chance to have a healthy lifestyle.