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How To Convert MKV Video Formats To Mp4 Video Formats?

by Elsa Stringer

The MKV extension, also known as Matroska multimedia container file format, is said to be comprised of videos, subtitles, images and audios in a single file. The format is designed as future proof, and these files do not follow any industry standards. This is the key reason why they are not compatible with playing the same on various portable players and devices.

I was also stuck in the same situation at my workplace. As the format was MKV, so it was not accessible from many devices so was looking for one of the formats that can able to convert the file into the one to be accessible from the majority of devices. And I find MP4 serving my purpose and then the next thing I look for was the video converter. 

To solve my issue, I looked for some of the software to resolve it and make sure that I get an intact quality file. While searching through the internet, I found the Uniconverter and its features to go through. The video converter was one of the best and allowed the conversion of videos into various formats. As it was free, I thought of going ahead with my first file.

How to convert MKV video format into MP4 through online UniConverter?

The media.io is one of the best in quality and quick conversion of one video format to another. Here we are discussing converting the MKV format videos into MP4. Let’s know in details:

  1. For the online UniConverter download the file and install it on your desktop or laptop.

To start through click on the convert tab and migrate for the “+add file” tab to begin adding the MKV format files to your PC. Do know at this software allows you to edit your file or if you’re looking for the batch conversion, then this is the right platform for you.

    1. At the very upper-right corner, try opening the drop-down menu to look for the tab named as “Convert all files to”. Now from the video tab, select the MO4 as the output formats with the desired configuration. 
    2. At the upper-right corner, open the drop-down menu next to Convert all files from the Video tab, select MP4 as the output format and also the desired resolution. To change file parameters like resolution, bit rate, frame rate and others, you can click +Create Custom to set the customized format.

4. Now you can hit on “convert all” button to start MKV to MP4 conversion and set the location where you                                   want to save the file on your desktop.

Do know that using online UniConverter is an excellent choice, but if you are a professional and require quality conversion quickly opting for video converter will suit all your requirements. The Uniconverter gives you the option to download the video converter for your desktop and avail their services of video conversion instantly.

Let’s see how you can convert MKV file into MP4 with UniConverter desktop version:

Download UniConverter on your desktop or Mac and install it. Once you have completed the installation, double click on the icon to have a look at the home screen. Now start adding your MKV files under the convert tab, by clicking on “+ add files”. You can also drag and drop them on screen as well.

    1. Once you have added the MKV files, look forward for the selection of MP4 in the video category.

    1. The user can look for editing icon as well if he wants to edit the video as per his preference. The UniConverter offers them a facility to edit, crop, trim, add subtitles, etc to their videos. The step is optional if you do not want to edit, you can simply miss this step and move ahead.

  1. Now you can hit convert all tab to start with the conversion of MKV into MP4 formats. The MKV files will be converted into the desired format without any loss of quality. Post conversion click on export for uploading the video to YouTube for sharing the MKV files to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo from the screen itself. If you wish to transfer the converted video to your iPhone or Android, the software can help you with the same as well.

Both the online and desktop video converter seems to be doing the same work, but do you know the difference between them. Let’s analyze both the video converters to understand their differences:

  1. The online Uniconverter can make you wait for the conversion of video formats. On the other hand, desktop Uniconverter can start instantly whenever you want to convert your videos from one format to another.
  2. The online UniConverter has size limits intact and can support files upto 100MB only. But if you choose the desktop UniConverter, no such situations can be faced by you now.
  3. The online UniConverter supports limited but popular format, whereas the desktop UniConverter can support 1000+ formats.
  4. The online UniConverter can support a maximum of two files in a conversion; on the other hand, the desktop Uniconverter can handle batches of videos in a go.

The UniConverter is undoubtedly an integral part of Wondershare Technology. The company serves as an umbrella for the products related to video making, converting or editing. They have served the industry from the past decade and have their users in more than 150 countries across the globe. The Wondershare technology is here for bringing you the updated technical products free from any glitches and offering a smooth interface to you.