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How to Choose the Best Cashmere Scarf to Highlight Your Wardrobe

by William Gist

Cashmere Scarf, one of the most popular fashionable accessory, is pursued in winter for its warmth and softness. To make the best use out of it, you can always wrap it to cover your face, shoulders and the whole upper body even in the cold snow days.

People like the scarf made of cashmere not just in winter, but also in spring and fall, for the fact that the cashmere fiber itself is very luxurious and breathable and therefore, it comforts you whenever you need an extra layer. For those who never owned one before, choosing the best scarf wouldn’t be something easy, since you have so many choices when it comes to color, length, and styles.


Basic Information

Cashmere is the fiber that originates from special Kashmir goats. The natural habitat of these goats is commonly found in several countries of Asia like Afghanistan, Iran, China, Mongolia, Iraq, and India. These places are where the temperature gets as low as -40 degrees in winter, and cashmere goats grow the underlying fleece to adapt to the coldness. The ultra-fine and insulating underlying coat are what we call cashmere.


The best time to collect the soft cashmere fibers is in April and May when the mountain goats are about to lose the undercoats so to prepare for summer days. When hand combing the fiber, it is divided into different quality groups for their length, thickness and color.

Don’t expect a cashmere wrap to come at a cheap price when authentic and of high quality, as its scarcity and complicated old-fashioned manufacturing process make it very expensive.

How to choose one

If you are surfing online without any idea what you are looking for, it would take time for you to get a top-notch quality cashmere scarf just like the one you can find at Ovcio. Check out this site and find the scarf you are looking for. But how to recognize a high-quality item?


Here are some tips:

First of all, looking for cashmere scarf that are made of 100% cashmere. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. Unlike other chemical fibers, the pure cashmere wrap will provide you the best luxurious feeling without being itchy on your skin.

Secondly, pay attention to Length and thickness. We know that the longer fiber means higher quality cashmere wrap since it is more durable and resistant. If you are not an expert, you can’t just tell if a specific length is the best. Instead of trying to measure the length of the cashmere fiber and compare it with the standards, we can try to rub the surface of the cashmere wrap. Rubbing the surface gently back and forth and see if the pilling occurs immediately. The cashmere scarf will easily have buzz falls after some wears but not in the first time rubbing. If it pills for several gentle rubs then the scarf is not using first-class cashmere fibers.


Amount of Ply. Two-ply cashmere scarves in which two threads of yarn are twisted together are always better. It can last for more than 10 years. Such material allows your skin to breathe, but there is some downside to it on the resistance field. Still, it is far superior to some other materials.

Finally, your budget. Investing in a 100% cashmere scarf is something to consider but you don’t want it to break your bank. Different cashmere scarf brands come without different markup. Higher pricing doesn’t equate to higher quality in this case. Now that you know the basics of cashmere and what to look for, setting your budget shouldn’t be difficult.

Prepare for winter now!

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