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How to Boom! Your E-commerce Business in 2024

by Tracy Finke

Are you looking for effective ways to make your e-Commerce business perform better? Have you tried engaging in multilingual digital services or any other strategy? Notably, the multilingual digital service providers translate and localize your business content. In return, you reach out to the global audience, increase sales, and grow your business.

Given that there are over 24 million e-Commerce online sites globally, you face stiff competition. For this reason, you have to position your e-Commerce business to set it apart from the others. How can you achieve this objective? The solution lies in the strategies that you adopt.

Would you like to know more about e-Commerce growth strategies? In this post, Contentech, a language service provider (LSP), expounds on some strategies you can adopt to boom your e-Commerce business. Let’s get started.

Run Native-Ad Marketing Campaigns

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Most global audiences are loyal to their native language. In other words, they prefer content written and spoken in their mother tongue. If you are looking for ways to convince such audiences, use their native language to run your marketing content.

Engaging a multilingual digital company can help you translate and localize your advertisements. Also, such a company can provide you with a consistent platform that can run your advertisements. In return, you can reach millions of potential customers across the globe. This achievement translates to selling more products and growing your e-commerce business.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

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If you want to make more online sales, make your brand known to more people. Additionally, make people remember your brand whenever they think of any product you make. Notably, some customers know a brand before they encounter a need to buy the products or services related to the brand. So, brand awareness is a vital strategy that can grow your e-Commerce sales.

How do you increase your brand awareness? Post your ads on social media platforms. Also, create organic content and run paid promotions. However, it would help if you employed effective search engine optimization strategies (SEO) for your products to always rank at the top of search engine results.

If you do so, then customers will find your products and services first whenever they do an online search. One of the SEO strategies you can use is localizing your business content. Notably, search engines always show local products before displaying non-local products. If you localize your products and services, they will appear first in the search engines in your target market.

Create and Often Update Your Email List, and Keep in Touch

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Never underestimate the power of email marketing campaigns. They are an effective way of influencing the buying decision of most customers. If you can manage to offer free shipping, discounts, and other perks during an email marketing campaign, you can generate tens and hundreds of signups.

How do you create an effective email campaign? Start with a few email campaigns that run weekly. Over time, you will achieve a balance between high subscription rates and low opting-out rates.

How can you ensure that your potential customers read their emails in this era where people receive hundreds of emails? Make them interesting and personalize them. Also, include videos, special offers, guides, and articles. Such elements make your email campaign informative besides making them more appealing.

Regarding keeping in touch, always respond to your email inquiries within 24 hours. You can opt for dedicated marketing employees to monitor the email responses. Failure to respond to an email inquiry translates to lost sales. So, always be on standby to provide any extra information that a potential customer requires after receiving an email ad.

Optimize for Mobile Internet-Enabled Gadgets

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A significant portion of e-Commerce sales happens over mobile internet-enabled gadgets. For this reason, make your e-Commerce platforms mobile-responsive. How do you achieve this objective?

Always make your marketing ads adaptive to several mobile gadgets. So, ensure that all portals are clickable, it is easy to scroll through the ad, and the ad’s display is crisp. Also, enable auto-filling of the browsing, searching, and checking out processes. If you do so, you will improve your customer experience, influence their buying decisions, and grow your e-Commerce sales.

Collect Feedback and Reviews, and Act on Them

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Nothing matches the marketing power of positive reviews. They depict customer satisfaction. In return, customers tell their friends and family about your products and services. This move denotes word-of-mouth marketing.

To achieve this objective, always ask for a star rating regarding the shopping experience. If the rating is low, follow up with the customer and solicit a review. This move enables you to explain why the customer did not find the shopping experience interesting. Afterward, invest in adjusting the shopping process and reach out to the disgruntled customer to inform them about your new shopping process.

If you do so, your customers will feel valued, and there is a high probability that they can return and become your loyal customers.

Sometimes, it is hard to make customers write a review about your products and services. How can you overcome this challenge? You can opt to reward your customers with discounts and offers whenever they leave a review. However, some customers leave a review whenever they feel unsatisfied. So, you should employ reward systems for customers that go silent after making a purchase.

Prioritize Marketing of Your Most Popular Products and Services

When a product or service becomes popular, it has a high customer satisfaction rate. Such an aspect denotes that more customers can find the popular product or service satisfying. Also, such a product or service is fast-moving, and it has the potential to make high sales and grow your e-Commerce business.

Some people think that popularizing a slow-moving product or service at the cost of high-moving ones can help them sell all products and services at the same rate. However, the truth is that a slow-moving product sometimes requires re-engineering to make it popular. For this reason, marketing a slow-moving product aggressively may be a waste of resources.

Notably, fast-moving products and services have special features likable to their users. So, always use them on your recommendation sections and landing pages, among other visible sites on your e-Commerce platform. Also, place their review on the front line. In return, many potential customers will see them and get a conviction to buy them.

Improve Your Customer Service

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High-quality customer service is among the most effective e-Commerce growth strategies. So, always ensure your customers can reach out to you easily. Also, be a solution provider whenever a customer presents an inquiry or a challenge. If you do so, your customer will feel valued and appreciated and buy more from your e-Commerce business.

Nowadays, customers require almost-instant solutions. This is why some e-Commerce sellers have chatbots and autoresponders, among other automated response channels. These channels provide customers instant information about almost any related product and service inquiry.

Publish Newsletters and Blogs

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If you would like to adopt a long-term strategy to grow your e-Commerce sales for a long, invest in the publishing of newsletters and blogs. This strategy requires a lot of time and effort. However, this cost does not match the resultant consistent high sales.

Written content boosts organic SEO. However, posting a few posts or sales-related content is not enough for you to realize the value of written content. You need to publish engaging and helpful content for your e-Commerce platform. In return, you will attract more customers and retain the ones you already have.

Regarding the newsletters, monthly or biweekly newsletters always remind your customers about your brand. They also display you as a professional with high-quality expertise in your field.

If you are unsure about the newsletters and blog posts to write, how-to articles, e-guides, and checklists are a good start. However, they should feature content related to your products and services. Posting the content weekly or monthly is a sure way to keep your customers engaged and remind them about your brand.

Sell Internationally

Nowadays, the world is a village. You can communicate with anyone wherever they are as long as they are internet-connected. For this reason, do not confine your e-Commerce business to your domestic market. There are millions of people out there in the world that would like to consume what you produce.

With multiple ways of shipping your products, selling internationally is easy. Even though carving your market share in the global market is a slow process, the application of consistency can grow your e-Commerce business exponentially.

Notably, selling in a language your customers understand is a sure way to sell more in the international market. Most international e-Commerce platforms feature translation add-ons and plugins that the international audience can use to translate your published business content. Also, the platforms can accept payments in the local currency.

Finally, look for global ecosystem partners and use solutions from https://www.workspan.com/ecosystem-business-management-definition/ to help manage your relationships.

The Bottom Line

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There are a zillion strategies that you can use to make your e-Commerce business boom. However, you should identify the ones that can work within your budget. Also, always go for the e-Commerce growth strategies that are realistic to your business.

Remember, those strategies are not a standard fit. Nevertheless, try as many growth strategies as possible and settle for the most viable ones.

Have a happy e-Commerce trading day!