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How to Become Best Man of the Year

by Elsa Stringer

One of your friends or family member have asked you to be the Best Man in the forthcoming wedding, how do you react? Well, your friend or relative clearly thinks you are capable and the best person to take on this important and high profile role, so, how do you become Best Man of the Year?

Metaphorically speaking, the Best Man is one of the diamonds in the wedding crown worn by the bride and groom and diamonds are forever, so, you will you be a rough-cut one, uncut or a perfect gem on the big day. The following advice should make you sparkle in your role of honour as Best Man.


The official duties on the wedding day are stay with the groom and make sure he has everything he needs or thinks he needs. The groom will be nervous and you as Best Man must hold down the fort making sure everyone and everything is in place and liaise with the Maid of honour.


Check the wedding rings periodically especially if you have organised a special presentation of them. You are there to take the stress off the groom and avoid negative comments like, are you sure you want to do this and similar doubt building statements. No drinking before the ceremony is good policy. You arrive at the church or registry office a good 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time.

Check to see if all the attendees are wearing the boutonniere or buttonhole ceremony flower then escort the groom down the aisle and await the bride. The activity on the day will be hectic so keep to your schedule but always maintaining a pleasant manner and keep in touch with the other people involved in the wedding ceremony with a real time media platform to stay ahead or anticipate any snags that may occur.


The rings as mentioned being presented and vows taken you follow behind the happy couple with the Maid of Honour to move onto the wedding reception. Arrange means of transport for those that may require it then the next stage comes into effect. In today’s modern media world you will have received the best wishes and congratulations from those that could not attend on your mobile, so, they are to be read out at the reception plus the traditional Best Man’s Speech. The very first point is stay sober for this!


After reading out the messages sent to the newly-weds thank everyone for coming then begin your prepared speech relating to the groom and his life without making him or his bride feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Yes, be humorous with anecdotes and relatable jokes but above all keep the speech short.

It’s good practice to end the speech with a quote that symbolises the married couple and their life together that is when you say, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please, raise your glasses in a toast to the bride and groom.’ The day is still not done yet as you will oversee the preparations for the couple’s honeymoon departure from the reception by decorating their car and the collection of gifts that need to be looked after and sent to the bride and groom’s home.


However, there is one aspect not mentioned so far that is the biggest and the most essential in making you the perfect diamond Best Man and that is organising the Stag Party. This event will make you a diamond legend or leave you an orange-faced carrot instead of a heavy weight diamond carat. This is your biggest challenge, the groom expects and the Stag Partygoers expect you to set up a full on, raucous, last night of being single party that will be remembered for years to come. The best solution is to enlist the help of a dedicated Stag & Hen company because they have specialised package deals full of activities for the day time and nights.

If you do it this way through a company a lot of stress is lifted off your shoulders and you as the Best Man come organiser is able to enjoy the fun with the Stag group as the company’s reps and guides do all the tedious arrangements, you are free to get in on the action. The trend these days is to go abroad and Stag companies provide all the back-up services such as airport transfers, accommodation and activity transfers as well as the traditional strip shows in a variety of circumstances.

Basically, once you have your group number confirmed and choice of activities and destination you can relax a little and begin writing your Best Man Speech without having to deal with bookings, emails and other time consuming administration.

European destinations are increasingly popular and one specialised Stag do company based in Krakow is leading the Stag & Hen rankings, Party Krakow will assist you in your every need, whim and desire. Remember everyone expects, so, your Stag Do Weekend begins as soon as you exit the airport. Here are a couple of stag do activities which are sure to be a blast:

    • Surprise everyone with the Strip Party Bus transfer to your accommodation, maybe add another strip artist to really set the party on fire.

  • Always get an organised Guided Pub Crawl on the first night, it’s a brilliant introduction to the local life and ways plus the guides are well informed on where to go and where not go.

  • Try out an organised dance club visit too especially the VIP option with plenty of privileges for your group.
  • Choose some suitable day time activities which are unusual or fun to do pitting your skills at machine gun target practice or white water rafting. The evening is back to more drinking but a meal with a private strip artist always goes down well with everyone or try vodka tasting with scantily clad fighter strippers and the Stag can join them if he’s up for it unless his bride-to-be has issued strict instructions to you regarding strip shows but nonetheless everyone attending expects and so do your duty as an organiser and Best Man, you are the diamond legend and that is why the bride and groom chose you, the traditional Stag Party is key to convincing the groom he did and is doing the right thing, the Honourable Best Man, everyone expects and diamonds are forever.