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How to Be Always Motivated at Work?

by Elsa Stringer

Motivation is something that helps us to get out of bed in the morning. It is that factor that pushes us to learn something new and excel at a particular task. Without motivation, the world appears dull. But when we start losing motivation at work it can spell trouble for us.

Everyone faces a lack of motivation from time to time. It is during this time that we need some help to bring back our zeal for work. Experts at Lensa shared with us several tips on how to battle low motivation at work and what people can do to always remain motivated.

Break an overwhelming project into small tasks


It is easy to get demotivated when someone is presented with a mammoth task. But if this is the reason for you to get demotivated then the solution is simple. Just break the project into small tasks.
When you divide a huge project into small tasks the project will no longer seem to be so overwhelming. Concentrate on completing small parts of the project at a time.

Give yourself deadlines


Setting deadlines presents people with a bit of a challenge. This challenge of completing a task before the set deadline can serve as a motivating factor.

Giving deadlines is also useful if you are completing a project with a team. Often, one part of the project has to be completed before the next step can begin. This means team members have to wait. When everyone is given a deadline, team members will work faster. This will mean less wait time for all the teammates.

Don’t regard it as hard work


If you regard your work as hard work then you will feel reluctant to do it. View your work as something that develops you into a better professional. Focus on the sense of accomplishment that you will feel once you complete the task.

If you can avoid thinking about your work as a chore but view it as solving a puzzle, you may feel inspired to complete it. It all depends on how you see it.
If you think your work is boring and not valuable it will become your reality. However, this is rarely true. It just shows that you are low on motivation.

Remove unnecessary work


Bring out your to-do list and identify the tasks that are unnecessary and demotivating. Many times, we may end up adding tasks to our to-do list that is not so important for us to do. See if you have listed such tasks and remove it from your to-do list.
If you are feeling lost and can’t remember why you started a task then it’s better to just end it.

Don’t think, just start with it


Now, let’s face the truth if you need to complete a task then you have to work on it. It’s best to stop thinking that you need to do the task and just do it. Yes, it may sound like a bit robotic, but it does work!
Therefore, whenever you are feeling low on motivation, do not put much thought into it. Just jump right into the work. Once you start it, you will automatically find the focus.

Do what you have to do

Being motivated is the natural result of operating daily on our mission. If your current position does not allow it, try consuming some time each day on this mission and you will see how you feel motivated afresh. Everyone, no matter how bad their situation, can find a time each day, however small, to walk to a new place in their life. Put yourself in a situation where you can serve others more and better with who you truly are. When you do, motivation will inevitably come. Do more and more what you have to do and less and less what you don’t have to do.

Stop liking everyone


Be authentic. Respect your being. Be the person you truly are. Being true to yourself shouldn’t offend anyone. No one except you knows what is best for your life so when you feel something, act accordingly. It is much easier to prevent problems than to solve them and the best way to solve them is to stop doing things to be liked or to gain acceptance and start doing them to be the best version of yourself.

Give rewards to yourself


Reward yourself at tiny accomplishments. This is a great way to remain motivated. Do not wait up for a project to be completed to reward yourself.
The reward can be anything from taking a break to grabbing a donut.

Start with an interesting work first


If you are feeling demotivated, then start with a task in the morning that interests you. Beginning your day with a work that interests you will lift up your spirits. Who knows, the enjoyment of doing this work may build up a momentum. This may also lead you to take an interest in other tasks as well.

Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Being full of energy allows us to be more motivated. Every day put the focus on taking care of your body, your mind, your emotions and your spiritual life. Being motivated will be the natural consequence of doing the above every day.

Final Thoughts

Everyone faces low motivation from time to time. If you follow the given tricks you will be able to survive this low motivation phase. Don’t worry, as mentioned before, it’s only a phase!