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Entrepreneurial Inspiration: 4 Best Business Podcasts for Motivation and Learning 2024

by Rhydian Choi

The business world is filled with pitfalls that can occur if you are not careful. Of course, there are numerous aspects you can easily avoid if you just understand the basic concepts. But, on the other side, so many of them can cause numerous problems, even if you are fully aware of them happening and try to avoid them. Having enough experience is a way to avoid most of these problems.

That’s why hearing about what more experienced entrepreneurs have to say is an absolute must. You can reach out to various experienced business owners much easier than ever. We are not just talking about being able to talk with them about the particular problems. Instead, numerous podcasts will provide you with the complete story of their experience, which can certainly help.

We are talking about top business podcasts, like the one created by Mitch Russo. Hearing the stories of the most experienced people in the world will not only help you overcome the current situations. At the same time, they can help with creating the strategy you can utilize in the future. These talks are usually in great depth. Today, we want to provide you with some of the best business podcasts you haven’t heard about.

1. The Tim Ferris Show

Source: gregmckeown.com

The first one we want to talk about is called “The Tim Ferris Show.” For those who don’t know, we are talking about Tim Ferris, an experienced entrepreneur who wrote some notable books on this topic. For instance, his most famous book on this subject is “The 4-Hour Workweek.” The book consists of his experience as an entrepreneur and stories of other prominent people from this world.

He conducted interviews with people from various industries, from business, art, entertainment, etc. These are not the usual interviews people have with celebrities. Instead, the focus is on extracting the strategies and methods they have used to make their efforts fruitful. Also, the focus is on the tools and routines they use to help them work as efficiently as they want. Truly an invaluable experience.

Sometimes the things such as daily routine help a lot. Sadly, most entrepreneurs are unaware of this and keep things spontaneous. Therefore, understanding how successful people conduct themselves throughout the day can help quite a bit. Among his guests over the years, we want to point out the most prominent names like Malcolm Gladwell, Reid Hoffman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2. A Slight Change of Plans

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Having the proper mindset is crucial when it comes to being a successful business owner. Understanding how to change your mindset from what you are used to is absolutely essential in this regard. We know that this is usually quite a complex thing to do. Thankfully, we can see that there are business podcasts that focus on this aspect. We are talking about “A Slight Change of Plans”.

As you can see from the podcast’s name, the host Maya Shankar, a cognitive scientist, prioritizes this subject. The main focus of the podcast is to help new entrepreneurs to battle all the problems that can occur during the day. The key aspect is to maintain the discipline and prevent potential disruptions. The advices provided by the guests Maya invites are focused on this aspect of entrepreneurship.

That doesn’t mean they do not talk about subjects characteristic for all other podcasts out there. However, the combination of business subjects and the human behavior science is unique in this case. When you understand ourselves, and how human brains works, chances of us finding a way to battle the disruptions tend to increase significantly. The only thing we need to think about is conducting them properly.

3. Full-Time Influencer Podcast

We are witnessing that most of the businesses these days have an online aspect. Online presence is key these days. Think about it, being online helps with reaching as many people as possible. The number of people with social media accounts is measured in billions. So, not taking advantage of this is a big mistake. However, this is much harder than it may sound at first.

At the same time, some individuals have become influencers on these platforms. If you plan to do the same, you will be glad to hear that a podcast focuses solely on this subject. We are talking about a podcast hosted by Tina Lee, called “Full-Time Influencer Podcast.” The show has two aspects: the hosts talk about the influencer strategies, and the other where he has guests that speak about their experiences.

4. HBR Ideacast

Source: hbr.org

Lastly, we want to discuss HBR Ideacast. If you are looking for no-nonsense podcast that discusses topics such as leadership, career planning, marketing, ethics, and a wide array of other topics, this is the place to be. As you know, all these subjects are crucial for conducting the proper business. So, being well-versed into these is an absolute must. What should be understood is that constant learning will help you achieve that level.

HBR Ideacast will provide you with the way to have insight into all these fields. In addition, the experience provided by the guests are invaluable. The show itself is divided in a couple of segments, and each of them lasts up to a half an hour. What separates this one from many other shows is that it is conducted in research-driven style. As a result, everything said will be backed up with information that confirm it.

Sadly, we can see that numerous shows do not pay attention to this aspect. Sure, personal experience is important, but not backing it up with solid information will not amount to much. HBR IdeaCast is a podcast and a magazine that goes through these topics in greater detail. While the subscription is needed for the magazine, you will be able to listen to the podcast for free.


Having your own experience is crucial if you are an entrepreneur. However, the smart people learn from other people’s mistakes. Here, you can take a look at the podcasts where you can do just that. We are certain you will find this list of ours to be of much help.