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6 Steps on How to Apply for Universities in Australia?

by Edvard Berlusconi

In addition to the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia is also a popular study destination. In recent years, more and more international students apply to study in Australia, precisely because of this, Australian universities have continuously increased their admission requirements for international students. This makes it more and more difficult to apply for a university in Australia.

Here, in order to help you successfully apply for your desired Australian universities, we would like to tell you how to apply for universities in Australia within simple steps.


Tips for Applying to Australian Universities

Before applying for universities in Australia, you should get some tips for school application.

Tip 1. Choose the non-popular majors of famous universities

Obviously, it is difficult to apply for popular majors in famous universities because these majors are not only demanding, but also highly competitive. For example, everyone knows that The University of Sydney’s business and liberal arts are very good, but few people know that its engineering major is also well received in the world. This has created a misunderstanding. Everyone only chooses what he knows, but ignores some not-so-known professions of the school.

Actually, the ranking of famous universities in the world is not about the strength of a particular major, but the level of comprehensive professional ability. Famous schools cannot be the top in just one field. Their faculty and perfection are also leading. So if you want to improve the success rate of your school application, you can consider some non-popular majors of famous universities.

Tip 2. Avoid popular study abroad cities

While choosing a study destination, international students prefer to select some popular cities like Sydney and Melbourne, which have a strong business atmosphere. Indeed, they are unique in the business atmosphere. However, the application rate of the universities in these 2 cities has also remained high, which has indirectly increased the difficulty of passing the application.

Few people know about some high-rated universities that are located in unknown cities, such as The University of Adelaide in Adelaide and The University of Queensland in Brisbane. In fact, these universities provide high-quality education as well. They can also be your options while choosing a school.

Steps to Apply for Australian Universities

Now, let’s see how to apply for universities in Australia within 6 simple steps:

Step 1. Choose your dream universities

The first thing you need to do is to find and choose the universities that you are interested in. There are a great number of universities in Australia so you have many options. You can choose one or more universities based on your needs. For example, you can choose a university located in the city you long for; Or you can choose a university of your dreams; Or you can select a university providing your desired major; etc.

While finding and choosing your dream schools, you can use some school search tools like CatEight to improve your search efficiency. CatEight is a professional school search tool that not only enables you to search for schools and courses but also can assist you to apply for the chosen school and the corresponding students’ visa.


Step 2. Determine your submission method

The second step, when you have identified your favorite school, is to determine your submission method so that you can make the needed preparations. There are 3 ways to submit your application case:

1. Submit your application to the school directly

To submit an application for admission directly to the school, please log in to the official website of the relevant school to download the application form and apply it directly. If you apply for courses from multiple schools at the same time, you need to submit applications to each school separately.

2. Submit your application to an agent

Submitting an application for admission through an Australian study abroad agency is the most popular submission method currently. Most schools have established partnerships with study abroad agencies. So with the help of agencies, it would be much easier to complete the school application.

3. Submit your application through Course Application Platform

Now there is a new submission method for you to choose from – submitting your application through Course Application This kind of platform will help you to complete the whole application more easily and conveniently since the whole process can be completed online.


Step 3. Prepare supporting materials

The third step is to prepare supporting materials and submit them together with the application. The certification materials vary depending on the course, school, and qualifications of the student. The main materials include:

– Academic certificate of the previous study, including current qualification certificate;

– Proof of English language level;

– For students who want to earn course credits, they should submit certificates and documents that prove their previous academic qualifications or work experience. All the above documents must be translated into English.

Step 4. Receive the Offer

The next step is to wait and receive the Offer. If the application for admission is successful, you will receive a “Letter of Offer”. You need to reply to the school with a signed acceptance letter to confirm acceptance of the acceptance letter.

Letter of Offer is a contract between you and the school, which will specify the name of the course you want to enter, the admission conditions, the fees to be paid, and the refund that can be obtained if you fail to complete the courses. This admission letter is very important. If you fail to enroll in the course or complete your studies, it will become the written basis for determining whether you can get a refund.

Step 5. Confirm admission

After accepting the Letter of Offer and prepaying the course fee, you will receive an eCoE sent by e-mail, which will explain your course start date, total course fee, and schedule.


Step 6. Apply & obtain a student visa

The sixth step is to apply for and obtain a student visa. Now you can complete the Australian student visa application online. To achieve this goal, you just need to find the official website then follow the prompts to apply for your student’s visa for Australia.

This is how to apply for Australian universities. Just follow the steps above to have a try.