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How Renewable Energy Is Changing The Power Industry

by William Gist

Demands have been made to the energy power industry for changes for a better tomorrow. Those changes are only now starting to come into action as more and more calls for diverse forms of energy start to appear. It’s fair to say that changes were expected, and changes are starting to be made. The power industry is going through a period of rapid transformation. Governments across the world are forcing a state of decarbonizing their energy grids to have a better ecological impact. Natural gas and LNG are in increasing demand as of late, and that demand is well met. According to some data, LNG is the biggest provider of fuel to power sources within the United States, a statement that should not be underestimated.

The needs and calls for clean and renewable energy are predicted to disrupt the traditional business models of the power industry. But another thing that is predicted to be disrupted, are the power grinds themselves.

So, how exactly is renewable energy changing the power industry? Stick around as we’re going to be answering that question in this article. You can also click here to learn more about how renewable energy plans can benefit you.

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Wind Turbines Work Best With Renewable’s

As we mentioned, governments are pushing for an agenda of decarbonizing their power grids. In some, highly developed countries, this has been going on for about 15 years. Renewable technologies are a thing that has had constant resources put into, and these countries are reaping the benefits from it.

Clean Energy Ideas is also another thing that has had a constant focus on. PV solar and wind power provide have scaled more and more. The technology behind it has shown constant success and their capacity increases every year. Wind power is making the prices of renewable energy go down, making them more affordable than ever.

Furthermore, natural gas has become cheaper than ever due to the recent technological advancements of the drilling industry. Wind turbines are used to create LNG, and it makes it another affordable option. But the recent progress in LNG has enabled power grinds for a faster and more efficient decarbonize. Natural gas continues to replace coal-fired and oil-fired power stations, lowering costs and benefiting the environment.

The benefits for the environment are so drastic that the combined wind turbine and natural gas cycle produces 65% less CO2 emissions from oil or coal-fired power plants. What’s even more interesting is that when paired with a 50-50 split between gas and renewable, the reduction of emissions goes up to 85%.

The Us Power Sector Carbon Index has shown that replacing coal and oil-fired power plants with a mix of the renewable and gas solution have decreased CO2 emissions by 33% since 2005.

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What about Hydrogen Solutions?

Hydrogen can be used to cover the storage problems we’ve been faced with throughout the years. We’re talking about using hydrogen as a solution to store electricity. This can massively benefit states like California, where coal-fired power plants have already retired and excess renewable energy is making a mess.

Scientists are on a quest to find the answer to the energy storage problem. And that could well lie within hydrogen. Namely, the solution could lie within the process of electrolysis, where renewable energy could be used to produce hydrogen. Through the use of excess electricity, the water molecule could be broken down into separate hydrogen and oxygen. The than broken hydrogen molecule could be stored and used in a CCGT power plant to produce electricity. This will significantly change the power industry and the global demand for electricity will be brought into a state of balance.