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Buzzoid Reviews True? Find out!

by William Gist

Have you been craving an increased following on your personal or business Instagram account? I know how hard it is to grow your followers from literally zero. That’s where I started from, but then I found out that you can actually get real Instagram likes and followers through certain trusted services that specialize in social media accounts and making them look more credible so that you gain more followers organically over time.

I was doing everything possible in order to grow my Instagram account. I was posting every single day, making sure my content was premium, interacting with the community around me – everything that I was supposed to do to get more followers.

Sure enough, I was getting more followers on a daily basis, but it was about a handful a day and as soon as I skipped a day posting I went down to either zero or just one follower a day. I got tired of seeing such slow growth and decided to give Buzzoid a try.

What is Buzzoid?

Buzzoid is a social media marketing service that gets you more Instagram followers or likes instantly depending on which package you choose. When I first went to the website, I admit that I was a little bit skeptical. However, everything is presented very transparently, and you know exactly what you are going to get.

How Does It Work?

On their site, you will see many different options that include packages that are priced differently depending on how many Buzzoid Instagram followers or likes you want on your page. Packages vary, so I have put together a list of their available packages.

There is also an option to add extra followers or Buzzoid Instagram likes for a low price once you have chosen your package and are entering the checkout process.

  • 100 – Likes & Followers
  • 500 – Likes & Followers
  • 2,500 – Likes & Followers
  • 5,000 – Likes & Followers
  • 10,000 – Followers

You can order up to 100,000 Instagram followers (checkout this article from EarthWeb for more better options) or likes during a 30 day period, giving you a huge boost! You can say goodbye to a slow-moving follower count with the quality services that Buzzoid offers.

Before I purchased the service I looked at a few reviews before deciding that I actually wanted to go through with buying Instagram followers. There were some reviews that asked a lot of questions such as: is Buzzoid legit? Is Buzzoid a scam? For every Buzzoid review that says yes to this, I disagree. My Instagram followers came instantly, and within 30 minutes my account had a bunch of brand new followers with quality accounts that looked like real people because they are real people.

Advantages of Buzzoid

  • Affordable Packages – You can find a package that fits your budget easily. The website makes it super easy to purchase up to 10,000 likes and 5,000 followers at a time. You can customize your packages and use everything that Buzzoid offers to your advantage.
  • Fast Delivery – Tired of waiting several hours or days to see improvement in your follower count or likes? There are no delays with Buzzoid. Your followers and likes begin processing as soon as you place your order and they are delivered within 30 minutes.
  • Quality Followers – You don’t have to worry about accounts with no profile pictures and randomly generated names following you. The followers given to you by Buzzoid look like real profiles because they are.
  • Drop off Replacement – Have you noticed that some social media marketing services will promise followers but then you will notice a drop in your followers or likes? If this happens, Buzzoid replaces the followers that have been lost and decreases the likelihood of this happening by over-delivering when you place your order.
  • Increase Engagement – The algorithm that Instagram works on looks at the engagement on your profile. The higher your engagement, the more likely it is that your post will be seen by more users and get more views.
  • No Password Needed – You never have to worry about giving out your password to a company that you don’t really know. All Buzzoid really needs is your Instagram username and as soon as you place your order your followers and likes are delivered immediately.

Disadvantages of Buzzoid

  • No Removal of Followers – One thing that may not be okay for some users is that you cannot remove your followers after they have been added to your account by Buzzoid. Buyers do not have the ability to get rid of any followers after the order has been placed, but if you don’t want to see certain followers on your Instagram account you can simply block them. However, this can take a long time depending on how many people you want to block.
  • Instagram Only – Buzzoid is currently only supporting Instagram social media accounts. This means that if you have a YouTube account that you want to increase followers on or any other type of social media, you will have to go to an outside source for followers on those apps and websites.
  • Limited Monthly Growth – Every 30 days you can get up to 100,000 likes or followers through this company. This can be a little limiting for big businesses that want to see exponential growth in their credibility on their Instagram page. If you want more than there are other options out there, but they may not be as reliable or fast as Buzzoid.

My Recommendation

Are you interested in my recommendation? Honestly, utilizing Buzzoid was a very satisfying experience for my Instagram profile. I got a lot of followers and my organic growth increased a lot in a short amount of time. I was able to boost myself on Instagram faster than I ever thought possible and all I needed to provide was my user name.

Buzzoid does exactly what it promises to do, and I would recommend that to anybody. For premium growth – choose Buzzoid.