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How Instagram Can Help Your Business?

by William Gist

Instagram is a social media platform that has cemented itself as the best platform to promote your brand and business online. What was once Facebook’s title; it now seems that brands choose to utilize Instagram to promote their products and services. As a result, there has been a popular rise of “influencers” or people on this platform that influences others.

Being an influencer, as a job, is rarely seen as meaningful by other industries. But little do they know is that these people can influence large groups of followers, making them a very viable option to promote your products or services.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how Instagram can help your business.

1. Window Shopping


Instagram presents a real opportunity for window shopping, as you can give your followers a taste of a certain product or service. This social media platform is very good at it, and its users have gotten more and more creative with it. By sharing information about the product or service, you can intrigue your followers into, at least, looking into the thing you’re selling. Instagram is widely used by brands and businesses for promoting their goods, as seen my popular brands such as Nike, Victoria Secret, Gucci, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, and tens of thousands more. As a business with an online presence, utilizing Instagram could prove instrumental for your success.

2. Exclusive Behind The Scenes Look


Customers and followers will always want to know more about you as a brand. Instagram has a lot of ways of providing your customers an exclusive behind the scene look at all of your dealings. By sharing photos, stories, and even creating a photo collage, you can give your followers an exclusive look at how your products are made, how they can be used, etc. This gives your followers a sense of bonus insight and makes them a part of your social gang, according to Krootez.

3. Exclusive Benefits

As a business with an online presence, you should always use your social media channels to give exclusive benefits to your followers. This is similar to rewards programs, in a sense that you’re offering them something more than just the product. Before you got something new going online on your website, give them an exclusive look at what that is, how it can be used, and simply paint them a bigger picture. Offer discounts on special products by notifying them through the platform, as this creates a sense of exclusiveness to them and encourages others to follow as well.

4. A Personal Touch


One of the most important things is to give your business identity a more personal look by using Instagram. Take the time to post an after-work selfie with your coworkers, or take a photo during a live event. This can benefit you greatly as you paint a more personal profile in association with your business. This, ultimately, humanizes your business and promotes trust. By providing your followers with a more in-depth look at how you work on projects by taking normal selfies, instead of posting business-related content, you are making your followers more interested in you.