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How email verification works and why is it important for businesses

by Edvard Berlusconi

Every marketer who ran an email campaign knows that email marketing is a precise method and its best advantage is the metrics it provides – each and every step of the campaign can be measured without any problems. The best-known steps in each campaign are the delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. These rates will measure the overall success of an email campaign. Optimization and management allow you to easily control all of these metrics, hence, this will boost your overall results.

However, there is one metric that people tend to forget about and it measures the first step of your email marketing campaign – the email address validity. The more accurate your email listing is, the better your campaign will perform. This small metric can make or break the whole campaign, hence, the importance of email verification should not be underestimated. In this article, you will be able to read what email verifiers are, what is behind the software, and how can they improve your campaign. Let’s take a look.

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What are email verifiers?

Email verifiers are desktop programs or online services that will allow salespeople or marketers to verify an email address or a whole list of email addresses to ensure that the email exists, that it works, and that it is valid. Today, most email verifiers are represented as an online service and the reasons behind this is quite simple – it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device that is connected to the Internet. This software or service does not require any additional resources except an Internet connection, and it can easily be updated and supported by the developer or vendor service.

How email verification works

Although most people have heard about these programs, some do not understand the technical aspects of this software. The main features and validation steps are:

  1. Syntax check – this is the first step of validation for all email verifier services. A Syntax check makes it possible for you to check if an email is spelled properly, has no spaces, commas, has all the @s, dots, and domain extensions are in the right place.
  2. Domain check – this is the second step of this process. A domain check will allow you to ensure that the domain name the email is hosted on exists, is registered, and works properly.
  3. Email ping – this is the most complex step of email verification. Email ping is the process of an email verifier service pinging the exact email with an EHLO message, then awaiting the response from the email server. The received response will confirm that the email exists on the server and that it is active.

Reasons to verify emails

According to experts from TheChecker, there are various reasons why an email address might not be working anymore or is invalid. Some reasons can be technical, others are not so much. Here are the most common reasons to verify emails:

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  1. The person has changed their email provider or service

This is one of the most common reasons. Someone used their email provider service, then switched to Gmail. However, even if the email is still active, the message you send will probably never be read.

  1. The person changed their email ID within the same provider

So, a person keeps using the same email provider, but they changed their account to a different email address. For example, someone might have used [email protected] but has now changed it to [email protected].

  1. The domain is dead

This is also a common reason and it is a technical one. If the website cannot be reached, the domain is dead or an email server is down, hence you will not be able to send your message. It is a sign that a company might be out of business, hence, make sure that you filter the emails that are invalid.


As you can see, by verifying email, you will be in a win-win situation, it will be money and time-efficient, and it will save your reputation. Hence, do not waste any more time and start planning your email campaign.