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Is Email Marketing Still A Valid Business Strategy?

by William Gist

For a long time, email has been an important part, if not the basis of marketing campaigns, one that acts better than social media platforms or other means. It is one of the most transactional and personal mediums and is far less annoying than a text message. According to various research, it is six times more effective than social media marketing.

With all the advancements in technology, it is natural to wonder if email marketing is still a thing. Hence, in this article, you will be able to read about the four reasons why email marketing remains the number one options for marketing. Let’s take a look.


Email is a cheaper form of direct marketing

Opposed to traditional means of marketing, such as direct mail or print, email marketing is not expensive and has a measurable return on the investments you make. Businesses tend to spend 30 to 60 percent more on print, TV, and Internet advertising than on email advertising. Companies of any size can benefit from this strategy and email ads offer a more affordable option for boosting brand awareness and at the same time boosting profit.

It is personal and highly targeted

This strategy presents a perfect platform to get personal with your consumers and it can also make them feel valued by your company. Firstly, you can target specific messages to specific users. Email automation has made it easier to improve the click rate thanks to the categorization of your audience, the timing of deliveries, and the content relevance. Check out this website to learn more.


It is effective to reach people on the go

People can access the email account from anywhere at any time. People use their smartphones daily and it has changed the way people communicate. Various studies concluded that over 50 percent of all emails are opened via a mobile device. You should consider optimizing your content and landing pages so that they can be easily accessed with a smartphone. Optimization will also allow customers to have a better experience.

It is effective to keep your customers informed

This form of marketing is not only done because it is easy. It is quite important to help businesses and their customers connected. Actually, customers often seek email marketing campaigns from their favorite companies and stores. By informing your customers about new services or products, or by offering them a specific sale or coupon during the holiday season, you can ensure that your consumers revisit your website, as well as make new purchases.



As you can see, email marketing is still important today. Firstly, it is a cheap option for informing customers about sales, coupons, as well as new services or products. Secondly, with the technology and programs that we have today, it is easy to plan and implement an email campaign into your daily business operation. And lastly, you can ensure that your customers will feel valued and respected by your company at all times. Hence, do not waste any more time and start planning the perfect email campaign for your business.