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How Do Parental Control Apps Work

by Elsa Stringer

The age of unlimited exposure and easy availability of internet has made it necessary for sites to provide parental control. Children does not know what they are not supposed to watch. National television channels do limit the things but internet does not. Therefore, parents need to set up parental locks on mobile devices and video games.

Famisafe have provided us with some of the best applications for parental control. Being a parent, you must be concerned about the watch history of your children. Therefore, you need to have a look at the different application that will ease your mind.

But what exactly is parental control and how do parental control apps work?

Parental control


These are some of the features in different sites and applications that let you control the content. If you do not want your children to see the content that include swears, abusive language, extremism, sexual content and even cults, you can block them. All of these things are not right for the children to see before a certain age. You can use computer management tools to either put certain content on block or to track your children devices.

Track the location history


Parental control apps allow you to track the location history of your children. It would be possible for you to see where your children went and at what time did they go there. Through the use of this feature, you can see if the children miss their classes. All of this history will be available on your mobile.

Suspicious photos and video detection

Sometimes children are unaware of the spam messages and they might receive some explicit content. Someone might send them pictures or videos that would be suspicious. Therefore, you will have to manage those things. Parental control applications provide you with the feature of detection of such content. So, you will know if they have some suspicious vide or photo in their phone.

Wipe the data


“Prey” application lets you wipe out the data that you want. So if your or any connected mobile has been lost or snatched, you can delete all the data saved in it. This is an amazing feature that will deal with your insecurities and will help you to manage your personal data.

Captures surrounding photos


The same application, “Prey”, also provides you with the option of automatically capture the photographs of the surrounding areas. So, if you want to know where your children are, or what are they doing at certain place, you can know. The application will allow you to capture the pictures.

Unwanted places

If you do not want your children to go to certain places, you can set up an alarm. If the children go to any such place, the alarm will notify you. Through these means you can manage and also look after your children.

Messages record

All the messages that your children receives or send, will be visible to you. You can read the whole content and the exact time and date when the message was sent or received. Through this, you will be able to know what your children are into.

Call history


And not only the messages but also the call history of your children’s mobile phone would be there for you. You can check anytime to whom your children talk to. In addition to this, you can also check the duration of the calls. Furthermore, the number of the caller and the name of the caller will also be shown. The date and time of the call and all other information, of both incoming and outgoing, can be seen.


You can also go through the contacts of your children. Do check all the saved contacts. This will help you keep a record of their friends and also to contact them when needed. You never know when you will need to contact their friends. In addition, you will be aware with whom your children are in contact with recently. And who they talk to everyday.


You can also manage different settings in the parental control. Different settings will be set for different children. If you have 2 or more children, you can manage the cell phone of each one of them separately. Moreover, it will be easier for you to manage the content that every single one of them can watch.

Alert needed


If you need to get notified if your children visit a certain place, you can also set that up. If there are more than one place, you can also add a number of places and make a list. An instant alert notification will be sent to you whenever your children enters and leaves that place. Thus, through this, you will know how much time they have spent there.

Screen time limitation


You will also be able to manage the screen timing. It is not safe for children to spend too much time on screens. Therefore, you need to manage the time limit for that.

Blacklist things

If you do not want your children to go to certain websites or use certain applications, you can use it. Simply adds the applications and websites in the blacklist and it will be out of reach for the children. It is as simple as putting some number on the blacklist, which you might have done for spam calls. So do make sure to blacklist the applications that would harm the mentality of children.

Making schedule


You can also make a schedule for your children. Set the time for each activity. For example, 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm would be the playing time. 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm would be for doing the homework. And in the similar way, you can set up the different schedules and also the screen timing.

Final words

You can know how parental control features work and what certain applications provide you with. You can setup the parental control according to the age of your children. You can also trace them and ensure their safety when you are not around. So, do use these applications to keep your family safe and sound.