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How Can Police Brutality Be Prevented

by William Gist

Are you familiar with the terms police brutality and police misconduct? Nowadays, these are words that come up recently in the news. They refer to police officers breaking the law by physically or psychologically attacking civilians. Sometimes this can be mistaken with bringing order and showing justice to these people. Yet there are boundaries to the force the officers should use in the process. Everything going beyond these boundaries is considered to be a misconduct.

After this was settled, the question is what to do about it. The officers are members of the law enforcement so they know how to defend themselves. Not to mention that out of all cases, a small number of them get punished. This is what many people out there think. And they are right.


But what if we tell you that regardless of this, there are ways to stop police brutality? It’s a joint effort of the society, cities, and individuals that can be achieved. We’ll explain some approaches here.

More Diverse Police Departments

Diversity is key to understanding the differences and taking things more lightly. Since minorities and people of different colors and races are targeted by police officers, the option to diversify the departments should be considered.

When more officers that share the race of the people they serve will be employed, the lower the chances of brutality may be. Of course, this isn’t something that can be guaranteed. But it’s worth a shot.

Police Officers to Cover Areas Close to Their Home

It’s easier to mistrust and mistreat people they don’t know. This is why a possible solution would be to regroup officers so that they serve in the areas close to where they live. Practically, they’ll be serving their neighbors.

Therefore, they’ll be attacking them. And this is less likely to happen at least according to experts in this field.

Educating the Communities


Sometimes people are ignorant about the things happening around them like police brutality, for one. So, they should be educated about this. As an individual, you can run online campaigns or put up posters around so that more people see them.

Also, you can talk to friends and family on this topic and spread the news. Sharing is caring. And in this case, it may represent a nice way to end violence by officials.

Hiring the Best Police Misconduct Lawyer


What has been done has been done. Therefore, if someone has been attacked by a police officer they need a police misconduct lawyer to represent them. And the more lawyers talk about this and file complaints, the better chances to prevent the violence there are.

So, in case you have suffered from the hands of officers, don’t hesitate to look for the right lawyer for you. For one, sites like USAttorneys.com can help you with this. They have large databases with available attorneys and details about how they can be hired.

Final Remarks

What are your thoughts on preventing police misconduct? Do you think it can be done? Talk to us in the comments section.