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9 Best DIY Ideas For Your Drawing Room

by Sinke Car

The drawing room is an old term to what we now call as a living room. The importance of it in a house is that it is a versatile all-purposeful space in the house.

It is a place where we gather with our friends and family when they visit us, or it is where we usually entertain our guests. This is the place where family members can spend a good time together.

It is the center of the conversation area of the house where family members can gather and talk about their day. So, drawing-room not only plays an essential role in our personal life but also in our social life, a well-decorated and well-maintained, it gives a sense of completeness and a homily feeling when we entertain someone in our home.

So, it can be a challenging task to make your place look good without spending a lot of money, and to make sure that it looks just the way it should, follow these best DIY ideas to transform it.

Rearrange the Furniture


The most common problem that people face while decorating the room is placing the furniture while rearranging the furniture of the place. One must do proper planning. You have to keep in mind they were to create a focal point, where to make a conversation area and should also consider the traffic flow.

The common mistakes that most people do care that they don’t do any such planning and just push the sofa against the wall and two or three chairs against each other and they are done, this kind of arrangement takes away the show and elegance of the room. Rearranging the furniture is a must with proper planning for a well looking and a presentable drawing-room.



Curtains add character and bring life to the place, through proper window dressing, you can easily liven up the place and add a sense of personal touch to it. Curtains that just go with it stick out like a sore thumb and bring easy livability and relaxed charm. Curtains on the windows are the cynosure of the room, so we have to keep certain things in mind while selecting the right curtains for it.

We have to bear in our minds the color scheme of our area and also the kind of furniture we are using. Window dressing just catches everyone’s eyes and a properly dressed window form the cynosure of any room and is an important element of it decor. Just a simple change of curtains can change the whole look of it, and they have a profound impact over the interior design scheme. A simple switch of curtains has the power to change the look and feel of a living room completely.

Use Canvas Prints


Empty walls contemplate an incomplete room, and an artistic way to fill this incompleteness and update your place is to use canvas prints on the empty walls. Canvas prints are a very economical way to and a bit of charm to your drawing room and decorate it without much effort.

According to CanvasPop, the canvas prints are a great way to tell people about your interest and also to put yourself such airs about your recent family vacation. Canvas prints can be your photos or family vacation photos, or it may be your personal artwork, and your drawing room is the perfect place to hang them.

These canvas prints give people the idea about your unique personality and your particular interest. A boring looking wall can be made more striking by turning it into your own personal gallery and making it the center of attraction of your house. They complete the interior designing and easily transform your room in no time.

Use Throw pillows


Throw pillows add extra an extra edge and life to your drawing-room. Though they are not that a big part of your area decor but these small details is what gives the extra elegance to your place. They bring a modern appeal to it, they come in different sizes, shapes, designs depending upon the texture, fabric, and material we select. These pillows are the fastest and most cost-effective way to bring a change in your room.

Re-painting the room

To choose the right color for the premises can be a struggle for many but paints liven it up, they are an inexpensive way to show your creativity and transform your boring and dull-looking drawing room to a modern-looking one.

You can have a ton of options while painting the room like you can simply paint or use a vibrant color on one wall and light colors on the other three walls or you can also use patches of different colors. This will bring life and transform the place. 

Proper Lightening


A perfectly lit room is somewhat the lifeline of the house. They add a sense of complexity to it and they are small accent as compared to others like furniture or paints, but lights give a feeling of wholesomeness and complete the interior.

There are different types of lightning which you can use to liven up the room, the sources of light should be placed at different levels like an overhead chandelier, wall sconces, and floor lamps floor and not forget recessed lightning.

Hanging planter

Adding a hanging planter or a hanging lamp, this is a great way to add functional decor to your drawing room and adding greenery even without taking up any floor space. You can customize the color of the planter according to the color scheme of your place.

Add Hanging shelf

Hanging shelves add a sense of modernity to your room, and they also add to the storage without taking any floor space. They are an excellent and cost-efficient way to use wall space wisely. Instead of bulky tables or cabinets which demand a lot of space, you can use these shelves for an open and clean look.

Coffee table


A clear coffee table can help to make your room feel a bit bigger. For a modern look, your area needs a center coffee table, and underneath it, you can use some space for your books in case you need some additional storage. A clear coffee table will surely brighten up your drawing room and will also work as a conversation area for your guests.