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Loss And Recovery Of Data: Tips And Good Practices That Can Be Very Useful

by William Gist

Of all the difficulties that companies can face throughout the development of their activity (fight with competitors, need to expand and attract new customers, conquer new markets, control access to personal data, neutralize unfaithful employees, etc.) The loss of data is one of the situations to which they are most exposed and to which very few companies pay attention.

The loss of data is always considered as something that happens to others, such as a situation where one is naturally exempt or sheltered. However, given that almost all companies (if not all) work with hard drives, USB devices, mobile devices such as tablets and phones, computers and others and consider them a fundamental part of their work, a misuse of these elements, a sudden power outage or a power surge can perfectly damage all or part of the access to information stored in these devices.


The problems created from this loss can be huge, very serious and usually synonymous with budgets of large sums of money for recovery. Therefore, it is a problem that companies must pay attention to. We will focus on how to act in case of this type of contingencies to reduce damages and expenses.

If a company is exposed to the loss of data stored on a hard drive, Wondershare Recoverit will be very useful. A loss of data can leave a company out of service for several hours, and even days, and sometimes resign itself to never being able to recover certain batches of information. When dealing with this type of events, it is important to know that data recovery in general terms is possible. For this to be a reality, it is important to follow these steps:

To prevent

The information stored in computers, external disks, pen drives, tablets and other devices can be unrecoverable not only because of failures in these digital media but also because of fires, thefts or floods. Therefore, it is very important to have backup copies of all the significant information and, if possible, to have a set of these backup copies in a safe place outside the physical scope of the company.


Triple Backup: A single backup is not enough. Having at least three backup copies is important for shopping store. It is essential to ensure that all three copies are identical and that all data can be accessed. Having the information saved but not knowing if it is accessible will not be very useful.

Another important fact, it is very advisable to take care to update the backup copies periodically. Otherwise, you can access the information but not the most up-to-date version of it and you may lose access to important data that has been generated after the copy was created.

Panic does not help

There is a subtle but important difference between not finding a file and having lost it. If a file is not in the usual location, you have to scan the PC thoroughly. It could have been removed by mistake, which will make it very easy to recover just by restoring it from the recycle bin. It could have been saved in another folder, or with another name. It is advisable to do a search by date of creation or modification.


These are questions that may seem trivial but taking a few minutes, getting out of the initial state of panic and thinking with a cold mind can help us avoid a stressful moment. If after having answered these questions and looking for the file we cannot find it, we will consider it lost and try to recover it by using any of the backup copies that we have. It is necessary to avoid thinking about complicated solutions. In most cases, the solution lies in the simplest and most obvious answers.

Problems with electric current:


It can happen that someone accidentally unplug the CPU or the server, and this results in damage to the hard drives. They are highly sensitive to abrupt swings of electrical power, including static electricity. That said, it is clear that power fluctuations or sudden shocks are not a good environment for the storage media, such as hard drives. If you do not have a UPS system (uninterruptible power supply) installed in your company, you should quickly consider using it. Power failures are considered one of the most common reasons for data loss.



A good backup is an excellent way to protect your business against disasters, damaged hard drives, viruses, and human errors. It is important not to improvise and consult with a professional data recovery company, which will have an important arsenal of tools and techniques to access that information enclosed in the hard disk.