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8 Hoverboard Safety Tips For Kids

by William Gist

Almost all people have seen the funny videos of adults trying the hoverboards they purchased for their kids during the holiday season. Although most of us laughed, the pain is real, especially if they fall on hard surfaces. Your children might have been begging you for some time to get them one of these “vehicles”, and now you are probably wondering – how can I keep them safe?

If you and your partner found yourself in this situation, then this article might be able to help you. The text below is going to feature a list of 8 safety tips for children using a hoverboard, as well as some things that you can do in order to make everything more secure. Let’s take a closer look at the article:

Determine Where They Can Actually Ride it


Now, this is something that might be a little bit complex. Naturally, you can ride them through your neighborhood, most likely the park, and in most locations where it is allowed to ride bicycles and skates. However, you should also keep in mind that some places actually banned people from using them, which is why you might want to check whether or not it is legal in your state.

Quality Over Price

Determining which ones are good and which one is not can be tricky, especially since there are no universal standards related to these devices. The most secure option that you have is to be careful about purchasing one as you would be when buying a motorcycle. See if it passed initial and security testing, as well as whether or not they come close to some basic standards.

This means that you’ll need to do a lot of digging before actually opting for one. And since it is often viewed as a motorized vehicle, you should not prioritize money over quality. If you want to read some useful guides, as well as see what are the best ones on the market, check out hoverboardforu for more information.

Before Riding it on a Hard Surface, Make Them Practice!


It is quite easy to purchase one of these things and lets your kid take off without any training, especially since this can lead to injuries. Hence, the very first thing they need to learn is how to balance – and keep in mind that it might cause them to fall a few times before they learn how to do it.

Hence, ensure that they practice a lot. Getting on it and off of it is also important since they’ll need to go one foot at a time. When getting off, they need to always step backward, instead of forward. Other things that they should focus on includes not bending their knees, as well as keeping their posture straight. All of these things will help with their balance and staying safe.

Get The Safety Equipment


Of course, all children hate wearing helmets and other protective gear, however, it is one of the most important things that you can purchase, especially if they have never tried riding one before. Besides getting the helmet – that will properly fit their heads – you should also purchase pads for the elbows and knees, as well as wrist guards.

Like buying a high-quality “vehicle”, you also need to purchase high-quality safety equipment. Yes, they might feel and look funny, but, it will surely prevent them from getting injured which can lead to additional complications. So, opt for safety equipment that is made from durable and protective materials, instead of the cheap ones that might break the minute they hit the ground.

Get The Age-Specific Ones


You’ll need to keep in mind that not all boards are intended to be used by all generations. Some companies even have specific age limits in mind when manufacturing-specific ones. Consider what it is meant for. Is it for sport or an adventure rise? Most are manufactured to sustain longer commutes, others are not.

If you are purchasing one for your child that is in the age range of 9 to 12, you can get a general-purpose one that can be handled by children as well. Of course, all brands might state that their products are “general purpose”, but, when choosing one, ensure that it follows a proper age recommendation.

Purchase The Correct Size


Besides ensuring that it is “child-friendly”, you’ll also need to ensure whether or not the hoverboard actually aligns with the size of your child. Although it appears like it is wise to get one that is bigger in order for the kid to grow with it and use it for a longer time, getting one that is larger is going to make it more difficult for your child to control and ride it. So, consider the height/weight measurements as well.

Ensure That They Can See Where They Are Going

Seeing where they are going, as well as being seen is one of the most crucial things that you can ensure. Hence, choose bright headlights that will improve visibility during darker hours of the day. LED lamps and reflectors can also additionally ensure that other people see your child while they are using it. You can also choose to purchase a hoverboard that has turn signal – that reacts to the footpads – hence, they can utilize it to navigate and let other people know where they’ll be going.

Opt For Footpads That Are Slip-Resistant


The traction, while your kid is on the board, is everything. And, by choosing one that has smoother pads can lead to your kid slipping, losing their balance, falling down, and injuring themselves in the process. This means that you should look for a board that features footpads that are slip-resistant and sturdy.

Kids are the diamonds of the family so their safety is much important likewise. According to topelectricrides.com, hoverboard which you want to buy must be UL certified because this certification is now necessary for all types of hoverboards and it is mandatory for the safety of kids.


As you can see, there is actually a wide range of tips and tricks that can make using a hoverboard safer for children. Before you actually choose to purchase one or two, ensure that you talk to your kids in order to explain what they need to be careful about. So, now that you know what you can do, you should not waste any more time. Instead, start searching for the hoverboard that will make your kid’s dreams come true!