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Electric Scooter vs Hoverboard – Who Wins?

by William Gist

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular among young people in heavily populated cities, as it provides them with ways to move around more quickly. They were formerly used as play toys when hanging out with friends in the alley behind your house. But with rapid urbanization and increased vehicular traffic, these machines created alternative ways to get to your destination in a timely manner.

Choosing between hoverboards and electric scooters is often difficult for most people as they both perform the same function of facilitating transportation from one location to the other. Good knowledge of the different features that make each one stand out will help you to make a well-informed decision on the machine that suits you the most. If you’re after the best electric scooters for kids or best hoverboards for kids, we recommend checking out Kids Ride Wild!

The Origin of These Electric-Powered Machines


For decades, most vehicles were powered by fuel which burns to keep the engine running at the required speed. Scientists kept looking for ways to improve transportation with a minimal negative impact on our environment. Fuel rationing during World War 2 led to the development of the ParCar, an electric-powered scooter that was designed by inventor, Earle Williams.

He found a way to transform the traditional fuel-powered motorcycle to an electric machine to improve the ease of transport with a certain level of freedom that was not previously obtainable. It is now enjoyed by people of different age groups.

Hoverboards, on the other hand, is similar to the electric scooter but has a different design. With its self-balancing approach, it became a trendy alternative for people that wanted something similar to the scooter but without a handle.

Both hoverboards and modern electric scooters have two wheels and a large deck that keeps you standing while you ride swiftly. They also have electric motors that supply enough power to move the machine, especially for short-distance travel. Owing to the fact that they do not require petrol to run and are less expensive, users now choose them over traditional vehicles.

As the cost of vehicle maintenance continues to soar, most people are switching to hoverboards and electronic scooters which is a lot easier to ride than bicycles that require manual pedaling. Although they are both handy when you have to quickly get to school or run other errands, there are considerable differences between them.

Speed and Performance Analysis?


Hoverboards are designed to run on even surfaces at speeds of up to 12mph. The fact that they do not have handles make riding them a bit tricky, as little bumps on the road can throw you off balance. To minimize the risk of falling, most users tend to ride on low speeds to ensure that they get to their destinations without hitches.

As suggested by escooterireland.ie electric scooters are faster with speeds of up to 15mph or more, depending on the model that you are going for. The handles help users to maintain a level of control while moving at a high speed. Hence, they are obviously faster than hoverboards.

Battery Capacity Comparison


These machines use rechargeable batteries which require charging to generate the power needed by their electric motors. The distance which can be traveled with a fully charged battery on your electric scooter or hoverboard depends on a couple of factors like road terrain and your body weight. It requires a larger amount of force to push a heavier person up steep terrains, hence the battery would drain faster when going up compared to coming down.

The battery capacity also has a role to play, as well as environmental temperature. Although the effect of temperature is considerably small, you may notice that your machine will use up more battery power on hotter days.

Under standard conditions, the average electric scooter can travel between 10 miles to 20 miles depending on the model and battery capacity. It is also similar for hoverboards that have advanced models that are said to have a maximum traveling range of up to 20 miles on a full battery charge.

Which One is More Foolproof?


It is easier to maintain balance on electric scooters due to their special design, which gives them more stability. The handle provides a means to easily and efficiently steer your way out of trouble, even as a novice user. This is different for hoverboards which require some form of practice before you can start gliding freely at high speeds.

Losing balance is common for beginners who later get the hang of it after a few rides on the hoverboard. Hence, it is safe to say that electric scooters have a better foolproof design.

Comparing Prices

Electric scooters came into the market long before hoverboards and brands have had ample time to improve manufacturing techniques and processes that are more efficient and cost-effective. They are currently produced in large quantities by different brands which have led to increased competition and a drop in price.

Hoverboards, which are produced recently tend to cost a bit more, with models that are priced up to a thousand dollars. Prices are expected to drop soon as they become more popular like electric scooters with prices that range between $100 and $500.

Final Thoughts


The electric scooter vs hoverboard comparison often leaves people with mixed feelings on which one they should go for. They are both affordable and can quickly get you to multiple destinations faster than walking. Picking one out of the two comes down to the slight differences in cost, as well as safety.

There are several sleek electric scooter models that sell below $200 which may only get you a basic hoverboard. The handles on the scooter help to improve stability while you move in different terrains. It also allows you to evade obstacles or make emergency stops, thus eliminating the risk of crashing into oncoming traffic.

You can take advantage of several user reviews and articles that are available on the internet to ensure that you pick a model that suits your needs, whether it is the electric scooter or hoverboard you prefer. There is a wide range of options from multiple brands for all users, including hoverboards and electric scooters for kids.