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Hottest Summer 2019 Fashion Trends for Plus Size Women

by William Gist

There are no rules for what plus size women “should” or “shouldn’t” wear. The idea that plus size women should obey different guidelines when it comes to style and fashion is ludicrous and discriminatory. Plus size women can flaunt their figures in the same styles that slimmer women wear, and they can look just as attractive and gorgeous while they’re at it. Whether you’re shopping for a summer dress or new hot lingerie which you can find at Hautefair, the most important thing to remember when choosing styles to wear as a plus size woman is that your comfort and confidence comes first. If you feel beautiful and hot in what you’re wearing, there’s absolutely no reason that you should listen to anyone that tells you otherwise.


That being said, it can be difficult to follow standard fashion trends as a plus size woman. The major fashion trends that are popularized in the media by fashion designers, runway shows, and celebrities are primarily targeted toward slimmer women with fewer curves and smaller busts than most plus size women. Different styles flatter different body types, and many curvy, plus size women feel uncomfortable or under-confident in the styles that are popularized and showcased by women with completely different body types.

If you’re a plus size woman looking for some ideas on how to up the trendy style of your wardrobe this summer, browse through these three fashion trends that are focused specifically on fitting and flattering the figures of real plus size women.

Neon Colors


Neutrals, pastels, and jewel-tones have dominated the runway through the past few seasons, but neon colors are definitely making a comeback. If you’re a lover of bright and flashy colors, this trend is for you. Neon colors are bright and fun. They add cheerful, summery style to any look. Even if you usually prefer to keep your looks more neutral, a neon style can be

Plus, the convenient thing about fashion trends that focus on colors instead of specific styles is that you can wear any style you want as long as it’s the right color. Any style you wear that is neon yellow, green, etc. puts you automatically in line with one of the hottest fashion trends for summer 2019. That means you can choose styles based on how they fit and flatter your unique figure and find them in neon colors to up the trend factor of your looks this summer.

Tie-Front Tops


Tie-front tops are a big trend this summer, and they just so happen to be ultra-flattering—especially for curvy, plus size woman. These tops cinch at the waist with a wide belt-like tie that generally matches the color and fabric of the top. They naturally slim your waistline and accentuate your curves.

Plus, tie-front tops are very versatile. You can rock a tie-front tank with distressed cropped mom jeans and sandals for a stylish, casual everyday look. Or, pair a plain tie-front top with a blazer, dress pants, and flats for a business casual look that’s fit for the office or the board room.

Biker Shorts


Biker shorts are a much debated fashion trend that has popularized as of late. It’s definitely off-beat, but the queen of curves Kim Kardashian has given it her stamp of approval and since then women of all shapes and sizes have been proudly rocking biker shorts as casual everyday wear. It might seem a little strange to wear biker shorts when you’re not biking or even exercising, but these shorts will keep you cool this summer while effortlessly carving out your midsection, sculpting your backside, and naturally smoothing your inner thighs.

Try pairing patterned biker shorts with a form-fitting crop top in a complementary solid color to accentuate your curves and slim your waistline. Or, rock biker shorts with an oversized distressed denim jacket and chunky combat boots for a stylish look that offers a little more coverage.