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Homeschooling Tools for Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Ingeborg

Since the last 2-3 weeks, schools and colleges across the globe have been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is more like a threat to the existence of human beings. Many governments are urging their citizens to stay home to break the chain of spreading this deadliest virus.

Since schools and colleges have been shut down in many countries, parents have to adopt innovative techniques to teach their kids. Thankfully, we have a lot of resources — or, we can say, homeschooling tools — for parents to create new learning opportunities for their kids while maintaining social distancing.

Tools like homeschooling workbooks, learning games, puzzle games, and more are available for parents. By following the different resources, you can make your kids wiser to tackle different situations and help them stay strong during this pandemic. You can check Edhelper free workbooks while Schools are Closed.


COVID-19 is a serious threat, and we all must stay together to beat it. All of us must follow the guidelines and orders from the governments. Many countries are in lockdown, with citizens not allowed to go out or attend or organize anything in public.

For kids, education is more important than anything else. Since we don’t know how long the government is going to keep schools and colleges shut, it is your responsibility as a parent to take care of your kids’ education.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on physical books; we live in a digital era, and we can do pretty much anything using the Internet. There are some schools and educational institutions that are offering online classes for their kids, but this is not enough.


Parents do not have a proper understanding of their kids’ educational demands. They have limited or no knowledge of what’s going on with them in their schools. But as we noted above, being a responsible parent means that you have to take care of your kids’ education, and you can do so by following the online homeschooling resources.

In today’s crucial circumstances, parents must learn proper ways of educating their kids by knowing their requirements and the ability to understand things. You have to keep your child safe while battling against the global pandemic of COVID-19. Parents should also remember that they can’t be like real teachers, but they have to ensure some discipline during study hours.

As we all know, students spend eight hours a day in school. In one day, they must attend different lectures on different subjects. What you need to know here is that your kids are not going to remain silent and study in front of you for eight long hours. This is natural, and you should not force your kids to study for eight hours a day while at home.

Your duty is to give your kids proper freedom and a familiar environment to study whatever they want. By making use of different homeschooling resources and tools for parents from the web, you, too, can begin to understand a lot of things that will help you in the future. The knowledge you gain will remain for years.


Not all children have the same cognitive and retentive abilities; individual minds and the way they gain knowledge differs. For this reason, you need first to understand your kids’ ability to grasp the material and how they can absorb the information provided to them. This will help you to select the right resource from the platforms.

Per recent study and research, a healthy child can stay focused at home for about 30 minutes consecutively. Yes, their mind will start roaming around after 30 minutes. You will be able to figure out the maximum focus time of your kid in the first few days. Once you know it, you will be able to create a proper schedule for future classes.

Here, we have listed some tips for parents who are concerned about their kid’s future during the lockdown period. The following tips will help them to understand how they can get started with homeschooling and all.

Tips for Parents for Homeschooling


Make it fun

As noted above, your home is not a school or education institution, and for that reason, you need to create a different environment so that your kids will enjoy your company while you educate them. Make it fun rather than stressful.

Figure out the grasping power of your kid

You need to figure out the grasping power of your kids so that you can provide proper education as per their ability. This way, you can be familiar with your kid and can create a good bond with them.

Set up a goal

You have to behave like a teacher at some point while taking care of your kids’ education at home. You have to set up a measurable education goal and work on it.


Develop your own skills

It would be a little difficult for you to behave like a teacher, but you have to develop some of the skills of a teacher while educating your kids. Unlike schools, you have to provide proper education on different subjects on your own, which is quite difficult, but you have to do it for your kids’ bright future.

Stay organized


You have to be more punctual and organized while homeschooling. You have to take care of your family and your kids’ education. Unlike regular days, you have to convert yourself into a teacher rather than an ordinary working person.

Make a schedule and follow it strictly, and ask your kids to do the same. Remember, discipline is the only key to survival. Your kids in the future will appreciate your duty.

While doing so, you have to maintain proper hygiene, maintain distance between each other, and wash your hands more frequently to keep COVID-19 away!