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Home Security Systems For Various Needs – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

Only a few years ago, hunting for a good security system demanded a budget and a determination to purchase it. Our parents and grandparents just had to make one phone call to a security company. Choosing between a few possible options was not so difficult either. Compared with what we have today, thousands of different models and variations, it’s not a surprise that many potential users are still indecisive. However, having a home security system today or even better yesterday is not caprice or a matter of fashion. It’s a necessity.

Our mind might convince us that keeping all doors and windows closed should be enough. Unfortunately, the latest burglary statistic is showing that this type of crime is still very popular among criminals. Even if we were lucky enough and never experienced an actual burglary, stealing packages from doorsteps is a criminal offense too. There is no reason to be a victim if something can be done. It takes some time and also some learning to choose one among the many best self-monitored home security systems (check out SecuringHome), but it’s a well-invested effort. These systems are perfect for those who are not ready to let someone else control their safety. Or simply don’t want to pay for it. Nowadays, people are able to manage their security systems through the mobile phone app. It can’t be more convenient than that.

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Like it or not, the risk of being affected by crime in some way is everybody’s reality. According to the National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVS) report every year people, companies, and stores suffer from monetary losses, measured in billions of dollars, due to burglary, theft, and robbery. Knowing that peaceful sleep is priceless, home security systems seem essential when protecting lives, properties, goods, and valuables. Owning a good security system can make a tremendous difference in bringing comfort and confidence. Although just a look at the security market offer can be overwhelming, there is a way to sort products into smaller groups. This can help to understand the difference, or pros and cons and to choose the one that will fulfill the needs and expectations.

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Every home security system is composed of hardware and software. Hardware is a group of various components, such as control panels, sensors, cameras, detectors, and alarms. They can be installed outdoors or indoors and are usually hardwired into a system. Software is a program specifically tailored for monitoring and video management. The security systems’ main classification divides them into two major groups, professional and DIY systems. Professional or traditional systems rely on a security company to take care of everything, including installation and non-stop surveillance. This type of system is convenient for large companies, properties, and households, anyone who is not tech-savvy, or simply wants to avoid the hassle and prefers to pay for this service. If properly maintained and updated, these systems can raise the value of the estate and lower the insurance rates.

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DIY security systems are so versatile that anybody and everybody could find something suitable for their needs. Most of these systems can be ordered online and delivered to the door along with instructions. A few sensors for doors and windows with built-in alarms is the simplest representative of these systems. Most DIY models are wireless, meaning portable and ideal for renters. DIY security equipment is powered by batteries, which should not be a problem if they are replaced on time. It’s once a year in most cases. These systems are also preferred choice in apartments, as they are easy to install. There is no need to drill the holes for the wall brackets or make any kind of damage. Furthermore, they are equally good for businesses and companies as well. Almost every DIY system is easily upgradable with better quality products or advanced models. Also, it’s possible to expand it with more equipment so it can “grow” along with the company.

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The exterior look of the DIY systems’ components can be very stylish and different, in shapes, sizes, and colors. Some systems have touch screen LCD panels, usually installed in the central area and wirelessly connected to a business or home network. If at some point, the user decides to hire a professional monitoring service the panel can be easily connected to the monitoring center through the built-in cellular radio. Many companies offer DIY security systems with flexible, no-contract professional monitoring plans, so the decision to start or stop using their service can be made at any point.

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DIY systems are mostly easy to install, but making a plan about placement before purchasing would be a good idea. For example, if the system is based on a Wi-fi connection than the hub needs to be close to the router for optimal connectivity. Also, some control panels need electrical power so it should be installed close to the power outlet.

Many models can be self-monitored using a mobile application, to control the system remotely. In most cases, the app has an arm and disarms sensor status, live view, notifications, and recorded video options. However, the features of the app can vary, depending on the producer and model of the system.

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Checking for additional features and options could be useful for future users who are considering adding fire, or carbon monoxide sensors at some point. In addition to the basic options, some security companies are offering a panic button, a video doorbell, glass break sensors, or motion detectors.

Based on the Wall Street Journal article, published in April 2024, it seems that burglaries of businesses have risen for 75% during the COVID-19 pandemic, in New Your City. Now could be a perfect moment to browse the Internet and find the most suitable security system. Some of them are financially affordable, even at times like this. It’s a good investment in future, in quality of life and even in health. Feeling safe at home or work reduces the level of stress, fear, and prevents emotional harm. Safety means freedom, and the only obstacle is a wide range of products. It’ll be one of the best decisions ever.