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5 Things To Know Before Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

by Kim Marks

If you are considering hiring a social security disability lawyer for your application and insurance process, you have landed on the right article. Before hiring you, you should know certain things about a disability attorney.

Social security disability insurance is a part of the social security program, which pays retirement benefits to Americans. This insurance pays benefits to those workers who can no longer work due to illnesses or any impairment that is expected to last for at least one year.

Disability insurance is paid out of the social security taxes paid by the workers. The benefit depends upon the earnings of the workers before their impairment. People generally prefer legal aid for the application process of acquiring this insurance. Check this site to learn more about the disability attorney.

Why Do You Need A Social Security Disability Attorney?

Even though you don’t need an attorney for the application, the insurance process can sometimes be tedious. A lawyer would be beneficial as they have good experience dealing with the social security administration and the issues that arise during the process.

The attorney would be a link between you and the SSA( social security administration). The lawyer will look after all the communication as he will be better at understanding the language of law and administration.

Apart from being the mediator, the attorney would do the following tasks:

Review Your Case

The attorney will carefully review your claim, benefits, and strategies to wrap your story around your case. The attorney will find an optimum solution to win the case and avail maximum benefits from all the acquired information.

Filling And Completing The Application

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The lawyer will help complete the application form if you haven’t already filled it out. Most mistakes happen during the procedure in the application form. Most applicants don’t fill out the form entirely; these become the reasons for most rejections. The attorney will help you avoid these mistakes and complete your application correctly.

Collecting Medical Evidence For The Claim

These types of cases are solely dependent on medical claims and evidence. The lawyer will support you in proving your medical claims by collecting and sorting out the evidence needed for your application. They will also help you take any necessary tests you have missed and understand what is crucial in the legal procedures.

Represent You At The Hearings

You will have to appeal to the court in case your claims are denied. During such situations, the lawyer’s responsibility is to represent you at the hearings. They will also prepare you on what to speak in front of the law judge. The attorney will also address and question the critical witnesses.

You may be skeptical about whether you require legal aid or not. While most cases don’t need legal advice, it is always beneficial if there are any complex issues. The lawyer skillfully presents your case, maximizing your probability of winning. Again, you must be aware of specific points before hiring one. You will be guided through the article.

Things You Must Be Aware Of Before Hiring A Social Security Disability Lawyer

Legal aid makes the procedure much more accessible but also adds an additional financial burden. Thus, you need to be sure if you need a lawyer. You should know these five things while hiring a disability lawyer.

Review Your Claim And Know If You Need A Lawyer

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Doing it all alone won’t be possible, but you should be sure if your application needs a lawyer. You should consult people with similar issues to know where your case stands. This will help you in the decision to seek legal advice.

Check The Qualifications Of The Lawyer

Before hiring any disability lawyer, you should do a thorough background check. You must check their previous records and see if they work on disability cases and their win percentage. Find a lawyer who specializes in the field and one who will keep your interests on priority. The lawyer should be renowned and well versed in such types of cases.

The Payment Structure Of The Social Disability Lawyer

You won’t get a lawyer for free; it is the same as any other attorney. If you hire an attorney from the private sector, there is a fee that you need to pay. However, you can always go to legal aid services if you cannot afford a private sector attorney. These are funded by the US Government and provide services without a fee.

The lawyers get the fee only if they win the case. The US government has limited the fee to 25% of the benefits.

The Waiting Time

You may think that hiring an attorney will reduce the waiting time. However, this is a misconception. Everyone is equal to the law, whether a lawyer supports your claim or not. So, an attorney will not be able to reduce the time, but they will help you find the reasons and causes of delays in your claims. The lawyers make sure to use the available time effectively for a favourable result.

Can You Change Your Lawyer Midway?

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It often happens that people are not satisfied with their attorney’s work. You can find your lawyer, but before doing that, you need to verify the fee agreement with the lawyer. The lawyers may ask you to pay the fees for all the work they have done till then. However, they are not entitled to charge a fee unless approved by the administrative law judge or the social security. If your attorney still insists, you may appeal to the judge.

You need to remember these points before considering an attorney for your application for disability insurance.


Disability insurance is a must if any impairment prevents you from working. The insurance would assist you for the time being with all the medical bills and other related factors. The operations can be hectic but ensure you understand every aspect of the application, claims and procedure. The attorney will walk you through it, but it is your responsibility to read all the related documents carefully. You must prepare yourself beforehand for any potential issues and complications.