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5 New Hip – Hop Artists On The Rise In 2024

by William Gist

The number of musical genres is constantly on the rise reaching the point when it becomes difficult to define or describe them anymore. Nowadays musicians are exploring new sonic territories collaborating with other artists coming from sometimes very contrasting musical backgrounds.

However, today we are going to focus on a popular musical style that you have heard of for so many times. It is associated with beatboxing, emceeing, breakdancing, and street graffiti. Any idea what are we hinting at here? Exactly, we are talking the hip – hop!

Originating from New York’s The Bronx of the 1970s the hip – hop still makes us move and shake our bodies when nobody is watching. Just remember how many times you caught yourself doing that hand gestures following the beat while driving in a car and listening to some random hip – hop track that just came on the radio. You looked tough and cool at the same time, didn’t you? Do not worry, we do it too!

The reason hip – hop is so seductive is, well you guessed it, the beat. Sometimes we do not even pay much attention to what the lyrics are all about, we just let the music and beat carry us. That is not to say that defining hip – hop would be that easy. Did you know that this style has its substyles, also known as Boom-bap, Trap, gangsta rap, alternative rap, to name a few.

At this point, it would be fair to mention some of the hip – hop legends who threw the rhymes we grew up with. So thank you 2Pac, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, 50 cent, Jay Z, Eminem, we still love you guys. But what are the new forces of this electrifying, beat dropping, and earth-shaking sounds? Today we will showcase the 5 new hip – hop artists on the rise in 2024.

1. Kenny Mason


This 25 – year-old rapper was born and raised in Atlanta and his well – known hits include“Nike II”, “Hit” and “4Real”. In fact, Kenny released his debut album in April this year titled Angelic Hoodrat (ahem). The album received some really great reviews online and the title track has more than 280k views alone on his YouTube channel.

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His beforementioned single “Hit” has earned over 2 million views within 5 months of its release, while Kenny’s single “G.O.A.T” was featured in the popular teen drama series Euphoria (in the final season, to be more specific). We were not able to track Kenny’s net worth at the time of writing this article, however, we have no doubts that his hard work and talent pay off wonderfully.

2. Polo G


This rapper’s real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett and he was is born in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois. One of his most popular singles, “Pop out” came as a result of a creative collaboration with the New York’s Lil Tjay. According to gazetteday.com , his annual income is a bit over 2.6 million dollars (not bad, right?).

The number is even more impressive knowing that Polo G has released a debut album only a year ago. Now the less impressive part. In the past, Polo G apparently had problems with authorities (even got arrested) but we hope this is behind him, so we can all enjoy more of his Chicago – style drill rap beat.



Ok, we are talking a very young talent here. This young guy turned 20 this year! 2KBABY grew up in the town of Louisville, Kentucky. His family’s financial and health issues apparently made this guy stronger as he had to take care of it all. 2KBABY started making music when he was only 15 years old (do you remember what you did when you were this young?) and it happened accidentally according to some sources.

Like many young hip – hop artists, 2KBABY draws inspiration from the music of Michael Jackson, Lil Wayne, and G Herbo. When somebody asked him about the artist’s name, 2KBABY said, “I am a 2000s baby. I was born in the year 2000. 2K. 2000. Baby. You feel me?” According to some sources, his estimated net worth ranges from 100.000 to 1.000.000 US dollars. That is very broad but still impressive!



If you think that a career of a hip – hop artist often comes as a result of a hard life, you might be wrong this time. The hip – hop star MAVI did not have such experience. His parents, a career – orientated, hardworking people have imposed much love and support on MAVI from an early age. They taught him that every dollar he earns is more valuable than the one he gets. Nice, right?

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But that’s not the end. In addition to all the lines and rhymes MAVI regularly throws in his songs, he is also a neuroscience student at Howard University! Being such a hard-working person, MAVI points out that he does everything related to his music by himself.

From recording, I am living room to self – promoting his art. On one occasion MAVI explained how difficult was to balance all his student and musical duties and tasks. Still, it seems that it all paid off for him, to some extent, because this artist with fabulous dreadlocks earns now 300.000US dollars per year.

5. Lil Loaded


The youngest on this list, Lil Loaded is perhaps the most problematic young hip – hop artist on today’s scene. This summer was particularly exciting for him as he was wounded for unknown reasons, but then recovered quickly and addressed the attackers on social media. He apparently told them to be more precise next time.

Oh, no kidding! His career exploded last year with the single “6locc 6a6y” which currently records over 18 million views online. His Instagram account has over 240.000 followers. But Lil Loaded still enjoys some leisure time playing basketball and spending his earnings estimating around 300.000 US dollars.

It seems that all these guys have a couple of things in common – money and intricate, troubling nature. Oh yes, there’s music, too. Regardless of all the differences, it seems that hip – hop has a bright future and that these young, talented young men will successfully follow the path of their idols.