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5 Hidden Greek Island you Need to Visit in 2024

by Tracy Finke

Do you want to visit a beautiful country in 2024? Greece has hidden islands that are not on the Greek tourist map. Beautiful destinations, welcoming people, breathtaking beaches, incredible weather, distinctive flavors. There are many reasons to go to Greece. The birthplace of Western civilization is a fantastic place to visit throughout the year. Travel to Greece this year and experience what an amazing holiday where you can enrich yourself in so much history and culture of the island people of Greece.

About Greece

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Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization. It is estimated that about 3200 BC, people entered Greece from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. They brought with them the knowledge of agriculture, livestock breeding, and processing methods. As their culture developed, they created one of the most significant civilizations in history.

By the end of 7th century, BC Greece was already divided into independent city-states (Peloponnese, Attica) who were fighting each other for supremacy on land and at sea.

The Greek War of Independence began in 1821 against the Ottoman Empire which ruled most territories across Greece. This war lasted until 1830 when Greece became an independent state under Bavarian prince Otto I with Athens as its capital city.

The first three islands of Strobilos, Zachouria, and Triantis are near Kefalonia island, they are not even marked on the maps. However, these three islands have a permanent population. To reach this place by car is very difficult because it needs an off-road vehicle with good driving skills. However, there are tour companies who make tours to find them.

1. Triantis Island

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Triantis Island is quite mysterious because nobody knows its complete story – how it was formed or when it appeared from the depths of the sea.  This island appears only for a few hours every day during low tide and then disappears into the depths of the ocean.

On this island, there is folklore that it was born from a royal shepherd who fell in love with a mermaid and she accepted to marry him as long as she had legs instead of a tail. In order to help her live on land, he broke his leg into three pieces and threw them into the sea. What appeared were these three small islands. On one day every year during low tide, locals go to Triantis and collect some clumps of the earth so they can be released back to the sea at another time – so their souls would rest in peace across the years.

Many local Greeks believe that it is very important for you not to damage or touch anything in this hidden Greek island because if you do something bad, the island would disappear forever.

2. Strobilos Island

Strobilos Island is a small rock with thousands of holes that has been formed due to an earthquake in 1953. Before this date, you could walk from the main port of Kefalonia through a land bridge to Strobilos Island but it disappeared after the earthquake and now only appears during low tide. Many locals believe that on this island there was once an ancient city and they go on their knees and pray towards this place as if it were a temple or church.

3. Zachouria Island

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Zachouria Island also known as Yialo Trikeri (three legs) is located near Strobilos and Triantis Islands and can be accessed by boat only at low tide. This island got its name a long time ago when three sailors were stranded on this small rock and they survived only by eating birds’ eggs. However, they could not get back to the mainland because of the high waves so they cut down a huge tree, made a raft from it, and sailed across the sea until they reached Kefalonia town of Assos where there was a temple of god Apollo Trikeri. For their luck, god Apollo did not punish them for desecrating his sanctuary but instead, he changed their names – henceforth they became known as Kyamites (crows) because of the black wings of the crows which had saved them from certain death.

On this small Greek island, you can see remains of their fire and small pieces of pottery.

4. Kea Island

There are many legends about this island but two of them stand out. The first one has to do with the fine Daidalos pyramid. It’s said that he built this black shiny pyramid and then ran away from the island after he had raped a local young woman. The second legend is about strange “eyes” that appear at night on the Sounio cape of this island. The locals believe that they are the eyes of Daidalos who searches for his lover – Pasiphae, even in death.

5. Lefke Island

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Another emerged island located south of Crete is called Lefki. It was named after its discoverer, biologist Nikos Lefakis who stumbled upon it while studying dolphins in 2002. His observation led him to conclude that the area was one of Greece’s most important biological habitats because it shelters numerous species not found anywhere else in Europe including sea turtles, monk seals, and rare falcons.


The next time you are on vacation in this part of the world, it would be ideal to visit these islands if you want to have a fulfilling experience that is unlike anything that you have ever experienced. These are the secret Greece islands that you need to visit in 2024. If you want an unforgettable experience, it would be ideal if you can plan your holiday during the time when the islands are revealed so you will have a chance to take lots of photos and explore all of their natural wonders. If you want to learn more and see some options for tours you can learn more info here.

Do not forget to make space for other amazing activities like visiting ancient temples and buildings, enjoying local cuisine, and exploring historical monuments. You can also swim and relax on beaches or snorkel through some of the rarest underwater life forms. This is certainly going to be one of your most memorable holidays ever!